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Top 20 Albums of 2019

2019 has shaped up to be another strong year in the world of blues rock. For nine years now, Blues Rock Review has been releasing its Top 20 Albums of the Year list. Our readers and staff cast their votes and this year’s list was extremely tough to crack. Here are Blues Rock Review’s Top […]

Sean Pinchin: Bad Things Review

Bad Things is Juno nominated Sean Pinchin’s third album. Alongside Pinchin is Mary-Jane Luvite beating away on the drums and Rob Szabo jamming on the bass. Bad Things doesn’t disappoint from the moment Pinchin starts riffing on the guitar all the way up to the end of the album, making it easy to see why […]

Sean Pinchin: Monkey Brain Review

Toronto-based Sean Pinchin’s forthcoming album Monkey Brain is fun, serious and full of individuality – much as its creator appears to be. Pinchin’s fifth album to date, Monkey Brain is, like its immediate predecessor Rust Bucket, a vote of confidence for the durability of today’s independent artists. From the title track opener through the eighth […]

Sean Pinchin: Rust Bucket Review

Rust Bucket is the latest from Sean Pinchin. Pinchin is a singer and slide guitarist with a talent that seems effortless. He is backed by incredible musicians who sound like they were meant to play together. They include Emma-Lee on backup vocals, Mark McIntyre on bass, Adam Warner on drums, and an appearance from Steve Strongman […]

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