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  • Blues forever

  • Your video on YT, Malina Moye EPIC Guitar Solo at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival 2023, is terrible. What a bunch of bull. She can NOT play guitar. That was an epic FAIL. What an awful, sickening piece of trash solo.

  • Just stumbled on your site and I’m delighted about its content. However, the numerous ad pop ups make some articles unreadable and it’s a shame.

    Long live the blues!

  • Shocking that there was no album by Paul Butterfield noted on your list!!! Sure you could whine about the Stones not making it but they were never a blues band. Butterfield and his band were an inspiration to ever one that made your list. It’s unfortunate that the author noted 1968 but the change began before then. We should and could pick 1965 when the Paul Butterfield Blues Band was released.. a very mistaken oversight and omission. Any historical review would note the Butterfield’s bands influence on the history and the actions of many of the groups you noted

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