Sean Pinchin: Bad Things Review

Bad Things is Juno nominated Sean Pinchin’s third album. Alongside Pinchin is Mary-Jane Luvite beating away on the drums and Rob Szabo jamming on the bass. Bad Things doesn’t disappoint from the moment Pinchin starts riffing on the guitar all the way up to the end of the album, making it easy to see why he was a Juno nominee.

Bad Things opens up with “If You’re Gonna Leave Me”, a breakup song we can all relate to full of the grit and backbone Pinchin never fails to deliver. “If You’re Gonna Leave Me” is a song easily played at max volume while holding your fist in the air in the midst of fresh heartbreak while licking your wounds. Wasting no time, Pinchin rolls right into a grunge esque guitar riff as “Bad Things”, the track titling the album. “Bad Things” keeps your head bouncing to the beat of Mary-Jane on the drums, a song that easily will be stuck in your head for weeks after hearing it. Following “If You’re Gonna’ Leave Me”, “Bad Things” is a reminder that everything gets better, so why worry about it? Pinchin continues to pull at your heart strings with “Lie To Me”, the guitar pulsing like a gritty heartbeat. In “Lie To Me”, Pinchin sings about being lied to by the one you love when you’ve given them everything, another anthem that just about everyone can relate to on a personal level.

About half way into Bad Things, Pinchin slows it down with a more low-key backwoods blues sound on the track “Devil Got My Women”. “Devil Got My Women” is not to be underestimated, Pinchin’s unique playing on the guitar just goes to showcase his talent. Finishing out the album is Steve Strongman’s “River”, the tune truly flows as natural as the current of a river coursing through the countryside, the soft guitar trills layering so perfectly under Pinchin’s more gentle voice for this album.

Sean Pinchin delivers it all with Bad Things: impeccable guitar riffs, soulful singing, and lyrics that resonate with you for weeks. Bad Things is an album you can play on repeat and still find new twists and turns within the music. Bad Things without a doubt showcases Sean Pinchin as a top contender in the Blues Rock scene in 2019 and surely years to come.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– If You’re Gonna Leave Me
– Bad Things
– Lie To Me

The Big Hit

– If You’re Gonna Leave Me

Review by Kailee Mills

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