Buck and Evans announce “Write A Better Day”

Buck & Evans are proud to announce the release of their debut album Write A Better Day on 15th November on Departure Records, through Cargo Records.

Write A Better Day is the perfect blend of youthful energy and traditionalism, the 4-piece rock and soul band’s debut album features 11 finely crafted songs, including the previous singles: ‘Going Home’, ‘Slow Train’ and the new single ‘Sunrise’.

Martin Harley: Roll With The Punches Review

Accompanied by drummer Harry Harding, bassist Rex Horan, and Johnny Henderson on the organ, Martin Harley is back with his newest album, Roll With The Punches. The British guitarist and songwriter recorded this album from a chapel in the woods of Pembrokeshire. With more electronic and rock aspects, the album is an exciting listen that keeps listeners on their toes. 

Steve Miller Band Gig Review

Fifty years ago I was in Chicago on Spring break after I got out of the army and was going to college on the GI Bill back in Detroit. I was staying with an army buddy and while we were in a blues club in Old Town on Saturday night we saw a poster on the window advertising “The Iron Butterfly” with the “Steve Miller Blues Band” the next day at a downtown theater. It was Easter Sunday and my friend and one of his friends went to the venue and bought tickets and found seats since it was festival seating. Just before the show began the theater was evacuated because of a bomb threat but the three of us never left and when the crowd returned we moved to seats in the front row center stage.

Kris Barras Band: Light It Up Review

Kris Barras is good with his hands. If one has the appropriate ticket, they can still be “floored” by Barras and company, but will likely not have to deal with the after effects of being put to the canvas. Josiah J. Manning, Elliott Blacker and Will Beavis come along to lend their talents in an effort to produce an album that delivers in quality and authenticity. Unpretentiously composed, Light It Up collects 13 originally-penned songs that wed technical abilities with a country-blues sensibility that eludes so much contemporary music.

Joe Bonamassa releases “Mountain Climbing” live video

Joe Bonamassa has released a live performance of “Mountain Climbing.” The track is featured on the upcoming live album, Live At The Sydney Opera House, available October 25th.

Danny Bryant: Means of Escape Review

The cover of Means of Escape, singer/guitarist Danny Bryant’s wonderfully enjoyable 11th studio album, features a black-and-white photo of Bryant standing alone on a road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He holds his Stratocaster in his hand, not as if he’s about to play it, but rather like he’s bringing it somewhere, carrying it like a leaf blower or a mop. It brings to mind two images. One involves the iconic story of the legendary Mike Bloomfield walking into the session for Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited, similarly carrying his Telecaster sans case, wiping the rain off of it, plugging in, and blowing everyone away. The other image is of an NFL tight end, what with Bryant’s broad shoulders and intense stare, somehow reading as simultaneously scared and intense.

Ben Morrison: Old Technology Review

Ben Morrison, who has seen success as the band leader of folk, bluegrass fusion Brothers Comatose, is seeking success as a solo artist with his debut album, Old Technology. The album, which was released on August 30th, highlights the Northern Californian’s unique songwriting, dynamic vocals and crisp guitar playing.

Otis Taylor Interview

With the exception of a nearly 20-year hiatus between the late 1970s and mid-1990s, Otis Taylor has been refining his form of trance-blues music for decades. His records are made carefully and deliberately—the better to drive home the social and cultural messages behind his music. His live performances are just as noteworthy: known for taking the James Brown-style approach of eschewing a setlist and picking songs to play in the moment, Taylor has figured out a way to pull together a group of musicians just as talented as he is who can tune in to his performative wavelength and shine on their own when he calls on them to solo.

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