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Facebook Live Concerts to Watch

Touring has come to a complete stop due to the coronavirus pandemic and artists are adapting to the changes. Many bands and musicians have begun doing Facebook live concerts as a way to continue to connect with their fans. Fans can also support the artists through virtual tip jars. Here are some Facebook live concerts […]

Mike Zito: Quarantine Blues Review

One of the many things to appreciate about singer/guitarist/producer Mike Zito is his meticulous preparation. Nothing ever feels under thought, which is what allows him to excel in a very tough industry. So when coronavirus shut down the world, including Zito’s European tour, he quickly pivoted to a plan B, which is Quarantine Blues, a […]

Songs to Cure the Quarantine Blues

The world has nearly come to a stop due to the coronavirus pandemic and with many of us staying it home, it’s easy to get a bit restless. However, that hasn’t stopped some great music from being made. April and May are traditionally strong months for new music releases because of summer touring, and even […]

Mike Zito releases “Don’t Let The World Get You Down” video

Mike Zito has released a music video for “Don’t Let The World Get You Down.” “I had been playing with these 3 chords and this title for a month leading up to this life changing event. I knew I liked the simple melody and meaning behind the saying. Little did I know the world would […]

Top 20 Albums of 2019

2019 has shaped up to be another strong year in the world of blues rock. For nine years now, Blues Rock Review has been releasing its Top 20 Albums of the Year list. Our readers and staff cast their votes and this year’s list was extremely tough to crack. Here are Blues Rock Review’s Top […]

How Technology Is Changing The Music Business

We live in a world consumed by technology. Gone are the days of big CD collections and streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora are king, but how are these changes in technology affecting musicians today? Blues Rock Review spoke with touring musicians all over the United States to find out.

Mike Zito and Friends: Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry Review

Chuck Berry, the artist, was a genius. We owe just about everything great about rock and roll to Berry (and his pianist/collaborator, Johnnie Johnson). Singer/guitarist Mike Zito pays tribute to the artist on Rock ‘n’ Roll – A Tribute to Chuck Berry.

Mike Zito releases “Johnny B Goode” video

Mike Zito has released a music video for “Johnny B Goode” featuring Walter Trout. The track is featured on Zito’s upcoming album, Rock ‘N’ Roll: A Tribute To Chuck Berry, available November 1. “The video’s a throwback to early MTV kind of vibe. Getting to make this video with my hero, Walter Trout, is pretty […]

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