Mike Brookfield to release instrumental album “Hey Kiddo!”

Dublin based blues rocker Mike Brookfield is set to release a new album titled Hey Kiddo! on July 9. The album is now available for pre-order and includes 12 instrumental tracks featuring ’90s surf rock sounds, and for some, will conjure images of a Quentin Tarantino film.

“I’ve wanted to make this album for years,” says Brookfield. “An instrumental record that rocks in a fun way but also has lots of twists & turns that keep the listener engaged… I wrote these tracks to perform alongside my more emotionally driven blues rock material… written to what I call the ‘Buddy Holly ethic’ in that they should be short, catchy & played with youthful energy… which I think creates a really nice contrast to the bluesy slow burn on the tracks I still love to play from the ‘Love breaks The Fall’ & ‘Brookfield’ albums… putting this music out is really important to me as I want my musical output to reflect my personality & varied interests as a writer & performer… it’s gonna be a fun show for the band & the audience, not forgetting a real challenge to play!”


1. “Wave Shaped Moon”
2. “Hey Kiddo!”
3. “Aqua Cat”
4. “Shoot a Curl”
5. “Diamond Beach”
6. “Bikini Robots”
7. “Lightnin’ Tube Snake”
8. “Rolling In Candy”
9. “King Strut”
10. “Rock You Are”
11. “Surf Punk”
12. “Guitar Angel”

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