Exclusive: Gary Clark Jr. talks expectations about his career and the blues

Before Gary Clark Jr.’s first major-label album even debuted, the music world had already labeled him the rightful torchbearer of the blues. In his new Audible Original, Deep Soul Lowdown, the soft-spoken Texas guitar hero unpacks the gravity (and limitations) of such towering expectations as he recounts his astonishing life journey from teenage phenomenon to inheritor of the very mantle of his mentors.

Combining intimate storytelling with seven of his most powerful tracks, including “When My Train Pulls In,” “Bright Lights,” and “This Land,” Clark reveals how an artist, firmly rooted in American musical tradition, has also succeeded in carving out his own, unique path forward. Listen to the progression of a modern-day legend whose electrifying talent is matched only by his distinct authenticity.

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive clip from Deep Soul Lowdown, Clark Jr. discusses how he responded to the music industry’s expectations for him to stay in the blues lane instead of exploring other genres.

“I don’t have the blues like the Robert Johnson blues, this is where I’m at now, this is what’s relevant to me, and this is what the sounds are and I want to be a part of this, too,” says Clark Jr. “It was really a struggle and I heard a lot of criticism and a lot of people were saying things. You’ve gotta have a thick skin. I just learned to have a thick skin and selective hearing.”

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