Tips For Buying Your First Acoustic Guitar

The experience of picking out the right guitar for some players can be intimidating, especially if they are beginners. With so many different kinds of guitars and features to choose from, it certainly is stressful. Not to mention that the price tags can go from being really cheap, and rise up even to the cost of a used car. It does not help if you are not an expert that the seller uses woods like mahogany, and intonations for sure.

Finding the right guitar for yourself is easier with all basic knowledge first. Also, having some tips on what to look for also helps. For that reason, this advice might spark your interest and help you to find the guitar that is just right for you.

Types and Materials

The quality, type, and combination of woods that is used in the construction of an acoustic guitar, determine what it’s tone will be like.

Typically, entry-level models are made of laminated wood. As it gets older, it does not mature so as a result, the sound you hear when buying will stay the same. As for intermediate guitars, they, on the other hand, would generally feature a solid wood top combined on guitars laminated sides and back.  The best acoustic guitars are made out of solid wood. The result would be a more resonant and rich sound. Commonly, guitar tops are made of cedar or spruce, while sides would be out of maple, mahogany, and rosewood. The back is usually made out of standard woods as well.

The “Neck”

It would be wise to approach the guitar from the headstock and check it down its length, starting from the neck when you place the instrument in the playing position. To elaborate, the top of the guitar should be facing out like it is supposed to be played. Examine whether you want your guitar’s neck to have a slighted bow a bit forward or to be straight.

It is recommended for beginners to choose those with the straight neck since the majority of players would prefer it anyway, and after a bit more experience, you can easily switch it up. It is ok if the neck of the guitar has a bit of curve as long as it is commonplace for manufacturers to set it up in that way. Paying attention to this would be the main factor that can affect how high the strings are apart from the neck on the acoustic guitar. The higher the “action” is, it is harder to fret the strings of the guitar.

The word “action” is referring to the string height. In case there is any kind of back-bow, the strings will create a buzzing sound which is a sign that strings are too low.

Intonation is the Key

Intonation is important and it represents the guitar’s ability to play in tune. For this, you would need someone who is more experienced and who knows what they are doing. The tuners on the headstock should be firm but smooth at the same time.

The strings need to be able to be tuned. If the chords sound off and the strings are in tune, have in mind that something is probably wrong and that it should be adjusted. You can check this by simply playing a few chords or single notes along the string. Intonation is the main aspect of what is called a “setup”.

Be Inquisitive


It is important to think about are the frets deeply pitted with the string impressions. Another question to dwell about them specifically would be, are they nice and round or flat and worn. Also, does fret note create any sound, or does it not?

When buying a guitar, these questions are wise to ask yourself so you could evaluate whether the guitar should be bought or not. Make sure  the frets are, round, nice and shiny, and free of dents as well if you are a beginner who is looking for a guitar

It does not have to be a huge undertaking when buying your first-ever acoustic guitar. Even if there are many sizes, styles, brands, and shapes to choose from, there is no need to feel scared and intimidated.

What matters and is most important at the end of the day, is how the guitar sounds and feels to you. As you get more familiar with the instrument itself, you will want to upgrade to a new and better model in no time, especially since your knowledge will grow.

There will be nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal and becoming the best guitar player you can be.

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