Fred Sunwalk: Let’s Go Together Review

Let’s Go Together is the fourth studio album by the Brazilian bluesman Fred Sunwalk. Since his first release (Everything Around, 2009) Sunwalk has been gigging aside several names of the blues like Buddy Guy, Jimmy King, and Eric Gales. This new release shows all of Sunwalk’s ability in songwriting, creating consistent harmonies and melodies, and gathering all sorts of styles in blues rock.

The first song is “It Brings Back”, a powerful blues rock riff accompanied by cohesive bass lines and several guitar solos. The self-titled track starts with a dobro melody that gains strength and is filled with layers until reaching a massive rock song. A pleasant highlight of this song is the interlude, where samples of famous Les Brown’s speeches are reproduced, reinforcing the lyrics’ motivational message.

With cleaner guitar lines, but keeping the same vibe, “Get Up” is another very well written song. The saxophone solo and the piano parts contribute to the mood of the song. “A New Sun Rises” and “Fortune” are mainly acoustic ballads. Even so, we always can find a rock approach that turns these songs into something more than mere ballads.

To sing over melodic guitar line is a music resource immortalized by legends like Hendrix or SRV. But Sunwalk explores this feature very well in “I’m Back To Love” and “Fast Driver”. “Californian Winds” is a huge song with country elements. In “That’s All Love” and “Enlightened” Sunwalk uses different effects like vibe and reverse delay to create the perfect mood for the songs. “Don’t Ask Me Why” is another blues rock track with an exciting guitar riff and chorus. The last song is Prince’s “Purple Rain” where Sunwalk expresses his exquisite guitar playing and feeling vocals.

It’s plain to see the careful production of the album with little solos between the parts, enriching the backing vocals in another, or making different arrangements in the same song. Throughout the years, Sunwalk has proven to be more than a bluesman that doesn’t save efforts to interact with the crowd on the live performances. With Let’s Go Together, Sunwalk consolidates his career as a prolific songwriter too, recording great songs that rise the spirit of blues rock.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Let’s Go Together
– Get Up
– It Brings Back
– Don’t As Me Why

The Big Hit

– Let’s Go Together

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One thought on “Fred Sunwalk: Let’s Go Together Review

  • January 1, 2021 at 2:29 am

    Love Fred Sunwalk’s music. This guy exudes the blues, which he clearly loves. Good to see this review, he deserves far more recognition than he gets.


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