Brandon Miller Interview

Back in July, Brandon Miller released his latest album, Virtue and Vice. Blues Rock Review talked with Miller to learn more about the new album, the recording process, plans for 2021, and more.

When and where was the album recorded?

We recorded this album at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City, MO. We tracked the basic tracks at the end of January. I went back in February to finish vocals. Duane (Trower, the lead engineer from Weight And Measures Soundlab), and I mixed it down and mastered it in April.

Did you record all the guitar parts? Who were the other musicians?

Yes. I played all electric and acoustic guitars. Dylan Reiter (bass), Go-Go Ray (drums), and Damon Parker (keys).

You’ve been touring with Danielle Nicole in past years. So, did she have any participation in this album, either on arrangements, writing or back vocals, etc?

Correct. We wrote “Dirt To Stone” together and we both felt it fit my vocal range and was more of a guitar song than anything. I bounced plenty of ideas off her when I was writing, so she was great to have an extra set of ears in that process.

Were you the music producer? How was the recording process? What equipment did you use on the recordings?

Yes, I produced the album. The recording process was great. We had the basic band tracks completed in basically 3 days. We didn’t feel rushed at all, we were just well prepared and pre-production helped a lot. It was a blast working with Duane. He has a great ear to capture everyone’s true sound and tone.

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop, Gibson ES-335, Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Wildcat Royale, and Gibson Acoustic.

Amps: 1976 Fender Super Reverb and Fender Twin Reverb.

Are there any curiosities related to this album that you think that is worth the comment?

Everything was done locally in regards to recording this album. I’ve always been extremely proud to call Kansas City home and proud to display the talent that KC has to offer. We had a blast tracking everything. Even though all tracking was done in a matter of 6-7 days, nothing ever felt rushed. The songs came out naturally and I can hear that in the final recording. The covers were great to offer on this album not only to try and recreate those sounds but pay tribute to some of my heroes.

There are remarkable guitar riffs in the tracks. Please, tell us about your creative process.

All of my songs generally start with an acoustic guitar. No matter how loud or rocking the song is once completed, everything starts on an acoustic guitar. The song comes first. If you can’t tell a story or portray a message, then it won’t get hooked with the listener. I wrote more for this album than I ever have in the past and I believe it shows in the songs themselves.

What are your plans after Virtue & Vice? Will you tour abroad or only in the US?

We’ve played a few shows surrounding the release to help promote the album, but with venue restrictions, it has been difficult. We’re keeping our heads up and planning to make 2021 the big release tour for Virtue and Vice. We’re looking to take the album to support a European tour potentially in the summer of 2021 if all goes well.

About 2021… what are the plans?

Get back to touring and playing music in front of people.

Effects: Way Huge Overrated Special, MXR FET Driver, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Dunlop Bonamassa Cry Baby, Dunlop Mini Univibe, Dunlop Octavio.

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