Troy Redfern: Invocation Review

Troy Redfern’s latest album, Invocation, is a compelling addition to the contemporary blues rock scene, showcasing his distinctive blend of blues and hard rock. With a foundation rooted in the classic sound of the genre, Redfern imbues his raw-edged vocals and fiery slide guitar with a distinctive melodic sensibility, resulting in an album that is both visceral and catchy.

Troy Redfern is an independent British guitarist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Emerging as a prominent figure in the contemporary blues/rock ecosystem, Redfern has gained acclaim for his dynamic style and retro-flavored yet fresh sound, which blends elements of blues, hard rock, and glam. Over the course of his career, he has released the acclaimed albums The Fire Cosmic (2021) and Wings of Salvation (2022), showcasing his relentless creativity and work ethic. With Invocation, Redfern continues to push the boundaries of his approach, adding new elements and textures to his output.

The record opens with “The Strange,” a track that combines a pop/glam rock edge with raw, biting slide guitar, bridging the gap between Aerosmith and Johnny Winter but with its very own twist. Following “The Strange,” “Getaway” plays out similarly and keeps the momentum with its energizing riff-driven aesthetics. The consistency between these two opening numbers reinforces the album’s theme and showcases Redfern’s ability to craft sturdy rock anthems.

Next, “Van Helsing” stands out with its heavy, almost metal-infused attack, which is only balanced by an accessible, pop-oriented chorus, while the moody ballad “The Calling” turns things around with its slow-burning pace and melody-heavy lead work.

“Native,” with its neo-western ambiance, further diversifies the album’s soundscape. It starts with an enveloping, atmospheric build-up before exploding into a full-on rocker, while the barnburner “All Night Long” once again injects a dose of urgency and fun with its uptempo, good-time assault.

The ballad “Blind Me” offers the album’s most honest and blues-infused moment, featuring outstanding delta blues slide guitar work that highlights Redfern’s roots in the genre. The album then concludes with “The Last Stand,” a crushing, eastern-tinged track that encapsulates the record’s array of influences.

Overall, Invocation is a diverse yet cohesive effort. The mix of genres is excellent, blending blues, country, hard rock, and glam into a single, unified sound. The production and mixing are also particularly noteworthy. Despite being clean and crystal clear, the sound does not feel sanitized; it allows the listener to appreciate the intricacies of the instrumentation and the raw appeal and passion at play.

Troy Redfern has delivered with Invocation an impressive album that not only highlights his growth as an artist but also solidifies his promising status in the blues rock world. Highly recommend.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Getaway
– Van Helsing
– The Calling
– Native
– Blind Me
– The Last Stand

The Big Hit

– The Strange

Troy Redfern’s new album Invocation is released by RED7 Records ON Friday May 17th. Troy’s headline UK tour runs from June 17–27, followed by a tour with Philip Sayce from November 21 until December 4. Album and tickets available from

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