Shane Henry: Light In The Dark Review

Part of a great album is something subtle that happens in between the drum beats and the bass bops; something that’s under the lyrics and wrapped up in the guitar rhythms. A good album might not have one but every great album does and Shane Henry’s Light In The Dark is a great album because of its message. And that message is positivity. Positivity even in the face of the worst parts of life, an almost panglossian attitude that refuses to bow down to the strain of the everyday, or the whip of disaster. Produced in part by David Ryan Harris the album embodies the blues with more than just the sum of its parts. It captures the soul of the blues, the soul of perseverance.

The album starts with “Burning In My Soul,” which highlights Henry’s vocal talents right from the get go. Meanwhile, “Everything’s Blurry” showcases Henry’s whimsical guitar work that keeps the serious topics of the album light hearted and toe tapping. “Dare You Devil” is a quick track, but it manages to capture the heart with a simple but addictive refrain. Towards the end of the album “Butterflies” creates an uplifting feeling and gets us ready for the final track on the album “So Many Heartbeats,” which is not only a great final track it’s also the first to feature some prominent piano.

All in all, Light In The Dark is just what it says. A beacon for lost souls. Even though it might be a beacon held by another lost soul, there’s a certain comfort in at least being lost with good company. There are no wrong turns with Light In The Dark, just good music.

The Review: 9.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Save Me
– Dare You Devil
– Everything’s Blurry
– Burning In My Soul
– Butterflies

The Big Hit

– Burning In My Soul

Review by Jeremy Schantz

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