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Ash Grunwald delivers an accomplished work with Now. The Australian singer and self proclaimed road dog, proves again why his voice has become representative of not only the Blues Rock community in the Oceanic continent, but also in the roots and folklore revival, sounds that can be appreciated in every song on this album.

This album features an excellent sound provided by the instruments, the mixture of electric guitar and the piano tiles blending with the percussion leading to a heart-racing experience. Opening with “River” you can feel yourself eager for more, as the guitar makes an appearance, and then Grunwald’s voice shows up, raspy and in a slower beat, perfect contrast. “It Don’t Belong To You” has a killer intro, almost feels like a narrative, and is followed by an even more deadly guitar riff.

The three next songs, just as good, but also, very similar, even to the point where it drives you to feel slightly anxious, and diving into a few more songs, the high just goes away and is replaced with a feeling of average contempt, not tiresome, just less electrifying. Is there an electrifying song on this album? “Second Guess” could be the one, because of the piano/guitar balance and the cymbals giving a constant edgy sound in the background.

In the Blues Rock community, where music is synonym for the appealing of feelings, growing used to a sound leads to the loss of excitement. The loss of anticipation for the next song, but that doesn’t mean Now has burnt out Grunwald’s fire, it is just as if it stopped catching and growing hotter, now it is just warm, safe, same old. But old is good, the quality of sound and the vocals are outstanding, the electric guitar as said before is a gift to listen to, but at times is even out shined by the guitar, which is weird, for such a strong voice, to sound weak compared to the melody accompanying it.

The closing song has a memorable beginning for “The Least Among Us” starts out like an hymn for freedom, but finishes with the same pattern every song but a few follow, those few listed below.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– It Don’t Belong To You
– River
– Open Country
– The Worst Crimes Are Legal

The Big Hit

 – The Worst Crimes Are Legal

Review by Sofía Ávila

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