Ash Grunwald: Mojo Review

Recorded from his hometown in Australia and all the way in Los Angeles, California, Ash Grunwald’s newest album, Mojo, is an exciting and outstanding blues rock record. Grunwald explains that the album is a “documentation of the twists and turns of a turbulent time in [his] life.” The positivity and energy of the songs on this album definitely allow this sentiment to shine through. 

The first song on the record, “Hammer,” showcases Grunwald’s powerful, deep voice in the form of soulful adlibs over a steady beat. Grunwald’s voice proves to be especially in his cover of “Human.” The song’s chorus is a total earworm and the electrifying vocal melody pairs perfectly with the bright guitar arrangement to highlight the rock aspect that the album brings to the table. Meanwhile, “3AM” leans more on the blues side. Opening with a bright horn, the song maintains the story-telling tone of a blues song while taking a bit of the electric edge off of the instrumentals. The last two songs on the album bring back the distorted and metallic sound that was present earlier in the album. “The Boogie” and “Goin’ Out West” both feature a gritty, metallic guitar and impressive drum line that can excite any rock fan. The high energy of the songs leaves listeners stunned and itching for another listen. 

Mojo is a thrilling listen that balances blues and rock for a variety of sounds. Grunwald highlights both genres with remarkable skill and still manages to write memorable and compelling songs with unique arrangements. 

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Human
– 3AM
– The Boogie
– Goin’ Out West

The Big Hit

– Human

Review by Sabrina Tian

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One thought on “Ash Grunwald: Mojo Review

  • November 5, 2019 at 5:16 am

    Just listened to the “hammer” and the song is really an awesome one! Yet I wonder why singer like him is not on the top :/


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