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Martin Harley: Roll With The Punches Review

Accompanied by drummer Harry Harding, bassist Rex Horan, and Johnny Henderson on the organ, Martin Harley is back with his newest album, Roll With The Punches. The British guitarist and songwriter recorded this album from a chapel in the woods of Pembrokeshire. With more electronic and rock aspects, the album is an exciting listen that […]

Kris Barras Band: Light It Up Review

Kris Barras is good with his hands. If one has the appropriate ticket, they can still be “floored” by Barras and company, but will likely not have to deal with the after effects of being put to the canvas. Josiah J. Manning, Elliott Blacker and Will Beavis come along to lend their talents in an […]

Danny Bryant: Means of Escape Review

The cover of Means of Escape, singer/guitarist Danny Bryant’s wonderfully enjoyable 11th studio album, features a black-and-white photo of Bryant standing alone on a road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He holds his Stratocaster in his hand, not as if he’s about to play it, but rather like he’s bringing it somewhere, carrying it […]

Ben Morrison: Old Technology Review

Ben Morrison, who has seen success as the band leader of folk, bluegrass fusion Brothers Comatose, is seeking success as a solo artist with his debut album, Old Technology. The album, which was released on August 30th, highlights the Northern Californian’s unique songwriting, dynamic vocals and crisp guitar playing.

Samantha Fish: Kill or Be Kind Review

I don’t know how Samantha Fish does it. Kill or Be Kind is her sixth solo studio album in eight years. She put out two great albums in 2017 (Chills and Fever and Belle of the West). I keep waiting for her to repeat herself or cut a corner and it has yet to happen. […]

Tom Keifer: Rise Review

Rise, Tom Keifer’s second solo album, pulls at both sides of his previous effort, The Way Life Goes. Gritty songs are a bit harder and more riff-driven. Introspective songs delve deeper, both musically and in subject matter. Believability provides a backstop to sounds that may feel welcome, outdated or completely foreign, depending on the audience. […]

Charlie Wooton Project: Blue Basso Review

Bass players don’t get enough respect. They’re the pulse to the drum’s heartbeat in a song. They keep things moving forward when guitar players detour from the rhythm. And the low-end they deliver allows us to not just hear the music, but to feel it. Respect for bass is why we should all appreciate The […]

The 40 Acre Mule: Good Night and Good Luck Review

The saxophone was right there at the beginning of rock and roll, from Bill Haley & His Comets to The Coasters to Junior Walker, and while it’s still seen out in the rock and roll wild, I’m always a little surprised when I hear a sax in a rock context. It could be the juxtaposition […]

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