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Fantastic Negrito: Please Don’t Be Dead Review

‘Some people have said my music is “too bluesy for rock, too rocking for blues, too soulful for this country, too funky for that country.” I don’t believe in genres; I believe in music, I don’t believe in countries; I believe in people.’ – Fantastic Negrito.

Buddy Guy: The Blues is Alive and Well Review

I was actually a bit nervous to review Buddy Guy’s latest album. He’s 81-years-old and musicians, even great ones, eventually lose a step. Guy hasn’t lost a step, though. If anything, he’s somehow gotten better. The Blues is Alive and Well is a fantastic album, and Guys’ voice and guitar are in peak form.

Ally Venable Band: Puppet Show Review

The next taxi off the rank in the blues/rock genre is 19-year-old Texan Ally Venable. This is the second release by this three-piece, Ally on guitar/vocals, Elijah Owings drums and bassist Bobby Wallace, along with some choice guests. Featuring eight originals and two covers, given the intense competition in the female blues/rock world, this album […]

Joe Barksdale: Butterflies, Rainbows and Moonbeams Review

The track record of professional athlete/musical artists isn’t great. You have Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal, who mostly seemed to perform music about each other. Quarterback Terry Bradshaw did six country albums, even charting a hit. Beloved New York Mets icon Tug McGraw never made an album, but he made country star Tim McGraw, which counts […]

Arbor Creek: Arbor Creek Review

Amongst the busy airwaves of music, where the ‘Pop’ artists are grasping the uses of electronic and synthesized sounds, and vocal pitch manipulation; the rock band Arbor Creek is producing the REAL stuff.

Jeff Plankenhorn: Sleeping Dogs Review

Jeff Plankenhorn is an Austin-based sideman specializing in slide and slide-related music, including the Plank guitar, his own invention, that’s a cross between a slide guitar and a pedal steel, and that looks like something Jeff Healey would have loved. On Sleeping Dogs, his second solo album, Plankenhorn shows versatile songwriting chops, creating an album […]

Hunter & the Dirty Jacks: Chase the Moonlight Review

The Los Angeles-based Hunter & the Dirty Jacks first came to Blues Rock Review’s attention in mid-2013, not long after the band of five formed. Featuring Hunter Ackerman (vocals, harp), Aaron Barnes (bass, backing vocals), Carmelo Bonaventura (guitar, backing vocals), Brian Lara (drums, tambourine, backing vocals) and Jon Siembieda (guitar, backing vocals), the Dirty Jacks […]

Mike Zito: First Class Life Review

Mike Zito said in relation to his new album: “I had this idea of ‘stepping up’. I want the world to know I can play this music with conviction and style.” He obviously can, as he just won Rock Blues Artist of the Year at the Blues Foundation Awards. First Class Life sees strong vocalist/guitarist […]

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