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Ariel Posen: How Long Review

Every once in a while an artist comes along that immediately grabs your attention upon hearing them. Ariel Posen is that artist. How Long is the debut album from the Canadian guitarist perhaps best known for his work with the Juno Award winning Bros. Landreth. Posen’s parents were both traveling muscians and Posen picked up […]

Eric Gales: The Bookends Review

Eric Gales is the real deal. The blues rock singer/guitarist has been around since the 1990s, releasing his first album at just 16 and is still making interesting records some 28 years (and 16 studio albums) later. The Bookends is what you expect from Gales: strong songs, impressive guitar, and solid vocals.

John Fusco and the X-Road Riders Review

John Fusco is an atypical blues artist. He’s a Connecticut-born screenwriter, perhaps most famous for writing the 1986 classic film, Crossroads, starring Ralph Macchio and featuring Steve Vai as a guitar-playing devil (the final guitar duel scene is essential viewing). Fusco is also a martial artist. So the fact that his self-titled debut is as […]

Rival Sons: Feral Roots Review

Power. Control. Mastery. Rival Sons are back with their sixth studio album Feral Roots—and it brings all three of these descriptors to life. It’s been two and one-half years since the band’s last release, 2016’s Hollow Bones, hit markets, but more surprising is the realization that the band itself is fast-approaching the 10-year anniversary of […]

Alastair Greene: Live From The 805 Review

So many artists struggle to get their live sound down on studio records. That hasn’t been singer/guitarist Alastair Greene’s challenge. His 2017 Dream Train swings with the energy of a live show. But he finds another gear on the actually live Live From The 805.

Walter Trout: Survivor Blues Review

Walter Trout is back, and he’s once again encouraging his listeners to embrace the blues in a new way. For Survivor Blues, which Trout recorded for release on Provogue Records at Robby Krieger’s private studio in Los Angeles, Trout had dozens of songs in mind that he was interested in covering and, with the help […]

George Foster: Divine Soul Ride Review

Divine Soul Ride is the first album from Los Angeles based George Foster, a fella who in his younger days appeared in Wayne’s World, as the guitarist playing alongside Tia Carrere. As you might expect then, he and his band aren’t about to serve up a plateful of acoustic Delta field songs – their diet […]

Sakis Dovolis Trio: Cross the Line Review

I don’t understand what the Netflix film Bird Box is, and truth be told, I’m not super interested. If people want to watch Sandra Bullock stagger around blindfolded, I’m not going to judge. Because there is something fascinating about people working within dramatic limitations. When someone is using a bow-and-arrow with their feet, or playing […]

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