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The Sleep Eazys: Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell Review

Some artists wear their influences on their sleeves and others keep them closer to their heart. So it was surprising to learn that blues rocker Joe Bonamassa is a huge Danny Gatton fan and pays tribute to him on Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell, an instrumental album evoking Gatton’s singular mix of blues, jazz, […]

King Solomon Hicks: Harlem Review

Young, eager and extremely well versed in blues history, King Solomon Hicks strikes a colorful balance between a traditional blues tribute and new submissions to the blues canon on his debut album, Harlem. His reverence for blues lore and legend is evident in his playing, arrangements, and selection of easily identifiable covers.  He also leaves […]

Mike Mattison: Afterglow Review

Two time Grammy winner and member of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Mike Mattison is back with an exciting second solo album. Afterglow features a delightful blues rock sound with poetic lyrics and lovely melodies that shape the album’s nostalgic feel. The album’s wide range of sounds are a testament to Mattison’s skill as a songwriter. […]

Ben Rice and RB Stone: Out of the Box Review

Cigar box guitars are made from wooden cigar boxes, with the box taking the place of a traditional guitar body. They go back to the mid-19th century, with periodic revivals, including during the Great Depression. The cigar box sound, especially plugged in, has an interesting resonance, making everything sound just a little oversaturated. Cigar box […]

Ryan Perry: High Risk, Low Reward Review

Some people, with no effort, are preternaturally cool. Many bluesmen share this trait, making it unsurprising that it belongs to Ryan Perry. On the other hand, his voice is surprising. It has the unique quality of sounding young and old at the same time; whether he’s in his 20s or 40’s is difficult to ascertain […]

Sari Schorr: Live In Europe Review

Sari Schorr is completely honest in her newest release, Live In Europe. Recorded on her last tour, the album is composed of twelve powerful and raw performances that showcase Schorr’s talent and stunning stage presence. The natural sound of each track makes the album all the more impressive and moving, setting Schorr apart from overproduced […]

Sonny Landreth: Blacktop Run Review

How is Sonny Landreth like baseball’s 2017 Houston Astros, recently revealed to have stolen signs from opposing pitchers? It’s a question we’re all asking. One of the interesting aspects of the Astros’ sign-stealing is the debate around just how helpful it is to know what pitch is coming next. Some players like to know what […]

Rory Gallagher: Check Shirt Wizard – Live in ‘77 Review

The New York Times obituary for blues rock guitarist Rory Gallagher says he was known for his “flashy guitar work,” which, while certainly true, is a dramatic oversimplification of Gallagher’s legacy. But the tribute, coming in at a scant 150 or so words, also crystalizes Gallagher’s career: misunderstood in the United States, underappreciated, and seen […]

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