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Mick Hayes: My Claim to Fame Review

Growing up in upstate New York, Mick Hayes spent a lot of time in record shops, fostering his love for music and developing an affinity for the classics. His newest album, My Claim to Fame, was recorded in Muscle Shoal, Alabama at FAME Studios and impressively produced with entirely vintage equipment. This album’s unique and […]

Dion: Blues with Friends Review

We think of celebrity as a modern kind of cage, but fame has always been a challenge. Dion, born Dion DiMucci, had two huge hit songs in the early 1960s, “Runaround Sue” and “The Wanderer” but as that decade’s music changed all around him, the larger commercial audience saw him as the vestige of another […]

Peter Karp: Magnificant Heart Review

Magnificent Heart Peter Karp’s tenth new album was released on May 8th on Rose Cottage Records. This album features twelve tracks of Karp’s soulful voice and mature stylistic mix of traditional blues, Americana, gospel and rock influenced by the British invasion of the ’60s.

Eliza Neals: Black Crow Moan Review

Albums are like little ecosystems; one seemingly small change can completely alter the environment. That unpredictability is what makes an album exciting. The wild chemistry between Neals and guitarist Joe Louis Walker is what makes her Black Crow Moan such a thriving, thrilling biosphere of an album.

The Claudettes: High Times in the Dark Review

A pretty voice and lots of piano don’t seem like a natural combination for blues-inspired rock and roll but The Claudettes rock hard using both on High Times in the Dark.

Datura4: West Coast Highway Cosmic Review

One year and one major personnel change removed from Blessed Is the Boogie, Australia’s Datura4 return with an album well within the bounds of their previous work, but different enough to ensnare listeners searching for more than a hard-rock boogie LP. With the departure of guitarist Greg Hitchcock and the addition of keyboardist Bob Patient, […]

The Reverend Shawn Amos: Blue Sky Review

The Reverend Shawn Amos groups up with The Brotherhood for an exciting new album, Blue Sky. A long-time blues expert and songwriter, Amos’s newest release is a testament to his talents as a musician and entertainer. 

Steepwater Band: Turn of the Wheel Review

Lots of blues rock albums take you screaming down a highway at 80 miles per hour. Going that fast can be fun, but it can also be scary. Plus, when you’re going that fast, you don’t get to enjoy much scenery. Steepwater Band’s Turn of the Wheel, a rocking set of Stones-inspired rock and roll, […]

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