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The B. Christopher Band: Two Rivers Back Review

The B. Christopher Band returns with a large cast of musical talent on Two Rivers Back. With some players having worked together before under the moniker and a few newcomers joining in, there is no shortage of ideas, voices and sounds. Varying instruments, styles and musicians from song to song, the set features a varied […]

Paul Deslauriers Band: Bounce Review

The Paul Deslauriers Band, at its core, rocks like a 1950s group. Not to say they’re retro or rockabilly. They’re not. But the underpinning of Bounce is a very 50s American sound (coming via Montreal), adorned with some contemporary blues and rock and roll touches. It’s a lot of familiar sounds but Deslauriers’ guitar-playing and […]

Doug Henthorn: The LLC Review

Since the turn of the century, Doug Henthorn has had his hands full with singing, songwriting, guitar playing, and production. After disbanding the Healing Sixes, which he started with guitar legend Joe Bonamassa, and subsequent tours with Joe B. and others, like Beth Hart, John Hiatt, and Jason Bonham, Henthorn has embarked on a solo […]

J.P. Soars: Let Go of the Reins Review

Back in the 1980s, Neil Young’s label sued him for making albums “unrepresentative” and “[un]characteristic of Neil Young.” Essentially, Young was sued for not sounding like himself. Which seems impossible, but also somehow makes sense. There are expectations for how an artist should sound. Some degree of change is acceptable. But beyond a certain point, […]

The Bros. Landreth: ’87 Review

Beginning with the name, The Bros. Landreth exude a refreshing honesty and transparency with their songs—a skill as rare as it is difficult to perfect. ‘87 sees the brothers resume right where they left off on Let It Lie—writing from the heart and playing as purely as they can. With Joey Landreth on guitar, Dave […]

Laurence Jones Band Review

Hailing from Liverpool, the Laurence Jones Band returns with a self-titled album. With Laurence Jones on guitar and vocals, Phil Wilson on drums, Bennet Holland on keys, and Greg Smith on bass, the band put blues rock in a very contemporary setting.

Beth Hart: War in My Mind Review

We’re all often judged by the company we keep. In the case of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Beth Hart, she’s often found near high-wattage guitar players like Joe Bonamassa and Jeff Beck. But on War in My Mind, she shows off the intensity of her voice, which was never a well-kept secret, and some ferocious piano-playing in an […]

Dudley Taft: Simple Life Review

Dudley Taft is a seasoned mid-Western raised blues guitarist, whose band’s sixth studio album, Simple Life, was released earlier this month. Since the early ‘90s — with his band Space Antelope, started with Trey Anastasio of Phish — Taft has been leaving audiences in awe with his molten hot guitar licks and sensitive songwriting. He […]

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