Xander and the Peace Pirates: Order Out Of Chaos Review

Xander and The Peace Pirates is another magical tenor-front band with a “project humanity” mission. Blues rock fans will fall in love with their amazing music and righteous lyrics. 

Xander and the Peace Pirates was listed as one of Blues Rock Review’s Underrated Bands back in 2017. Founding lead vocalist-guitarist with a prosthetic right arm, Keith Xander, is described by BRR as “a soulful singer and a world-class guitarist.”         

Order Out Of Chaos has just been released. The band proves that heroes can also be in a form of musicians like them who are spreading lyrics about anti-war, harmony, anti-temptation, new life, motivation, and romance. Wrongdoings such as killing innocent children, cheating, and others don’t make a genuine upright man, and XPP expresses creative lyrics to influence the listeners.

Anti-war and harmonious single We Cryis another soldier-themed song like Dance With The Devilfrom their 2016 album 11:11 based on both of their music videos. The band explains that “We Cry” is about “Those who are in positions of power (or at least believe they are) with an illusion that they are separate from the whole. They appear to use their power to create enemies and wars between innocent people who would not usually have issues with each other; only to serve their personal agendas of control and power over the masses.”

Other harmonious tracks include, “Leave The Night On”, “Order Out of Chaos”, “Breathless“, and “Fog”. They express freedom from hatred, and the strength to choose love and not conflict. “Fog” expresses a realistic line “How to wake up in a fog of the night.” 

The new life song, “Soul Sailing” is a telling a story that people can turn their life around and find luck in searching for true love and other blessings. It is a motivator for people who are struggling with drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other vices. 

The anti-temptation song, “I’m No Good At Being Bad” is about a woman trying to seduce a righteous man but fails to. A true man resists the temptation no matter how beautiful the seducer is. 

The romantic songs are “Heart Stop”, a headbanging juicy track. Then there are the solemn and emotional tracks: “Kiss Your Rain” and  “Into The Water”. “Kiss Your Rain” is romantic enough to say “..Kiss the rain, kiss the pain” and “You taught me how to fly,” while “Into The Water” has lyrics such as, “I was waiting on the sea with you, I’ll be your guide, let it slide to the waters of your life.” 

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– I’m No Good At Being Bad
– Leave The Night On
– Heart Stop
– Into The Water
– Soul Sailing

The Big Hit

– Soul Sailing

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  • You may like their sound but to see them live is something else! Superb!


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