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Top 10 Blues Workout Songs

Weight training is a great way to improve both physical and mental health. And contrary to what some believe, it can be fun too, especially if, while lifting, you’re listening to your favorite music.

That being the case, what about us, blues fans? Well, although the blues is not commonly associated with exercising as much as hip hop or dance, for example, there are certainly some songs in our beloved genre that hold the power of firing up any training session.

So, here are ten blues and bluesy rock songs to help you lift weights like a beast.

10. “Cold Day in Hell” – Gary Moore

This blues rocker thrill ride from celebrated Northern Irish guitarist Gary Moore is a great start. Moore’s tasty licks and solos and confident vocal delivery combined with the song’s assertive lyrics will most certainly lift your mood during training. Hopefully, there will be a cold day in hell before you give up lifting.

9. “Blues Before Sunrise” – Eric Clapton

If you, like myself, enjoy exercising before daybreak,  guitar god Eric Clapton’s vigorous and raw version of this blues standard is great for setting the mood.  Even though lyrics appear melancholic at first, if looked upon closely, they come across, at least to me, as a rather stoic call to action. Sometimes, it’s all you need.

8. “Evil”  – Cactus

Cactus’ electrifying and quasi-metal rendition of this Howlin’ Wolf classic is a perfect fit for this list.  A mean and heavy guitar sound combined with Carmine Appice’s thundering drumming will give you some nice and needed mental boost when you’re pumping some iron.

7. “The Hunter” – Free

Free’s hard-rocking take on this Albert King tune is simply amazing. Paul Rodgers’ passionate and sensual vocals hold most of our attention, however, the rest of the band, as expected,  also leaves nothing to be desired, particularly guitarist Paul Kossoff. A great and fun track for any training session.

6 . “Rock Me Baby” – Johnny Winter

This tour de force from Texan blues legend Johnny Winter will rock (no pun intended) your training. Winter’s guitar prowess needs no introduction, and on this number, he is holding nothing back, also, the vocals and rhythm section are on the same level, with solid performances.  A superb addition to any weight training playlist.

5. “Crossfire” – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Another Texan legend on the list, SRV displays his well-known blazing guitar skills amazingly in his track. Vocals are also handled greatly by him and, his band, Double Trouble, is as competent as ever too.  An outstanding track overall and even better in helping you to kill some weights.

4. “Inject The Venom” – AC/DC

Australian Hard Rockers AC/DC have their sound deeply rooted in the blues and this track is no different. It’s bluesy for sure, but it’s also heavy and dirty and rocks real hard (as most AC/DC songs do). Overall, It has a very empowering feeling, with both the music and lyrics heavily contributing to this.  An amazing track for any workout.

3. “Going Down” – Freddie King

This track from Texas-born (yes, again) Freddie King is like a steamroller devastating everything in its way. It has a steady, but killer rhythm, with King’s fiery lead guitar and powerful voice providing the rest of the thrill. A marvelous song to help you lift heavier and harder.

2. “You Better Run” – Motörhead

This song’s main riff has been used countless times before, but it doesn’t really matter because Lemmy and co. made incredible use of it. This monstrous track is as bluesy as it is massive and potent. Heavy guitars and drums and Lemmy distorted bass and deep voice make this one a badass and undisputable entry to our list.

1. Mannish Boy (Hard Again version) – Muddy Waters

Not even Motörhead’s heaviness can top Muddy Waters’ mojo. This testosterone-filled song is distinguished by its potent one-chord guitar riff, strong drumming, Waters’ intense and confident vocal delivery, and visceral lyrics. In addition, we can hear Johnny Winter (who produced and played guitar on the album) screaming in the background. It can’t get any better than this. To sum up, this a truly power-packed blues masterpiece to inflame your workouts.

If you have your own blues workout playlist, let us know in the comments!


Fidel Beserra

Fidel Beserra is a professional translator and an occasional writer. As one would expect, he's also an enthusiastic lover of everything music-related.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Blues Workout Songs

  • February 10, 2021 at 3:53 am

    Crossfire by SRV – pure joy. Joe Bonamassa – ‘Takin The Hit’, Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Somehow, Somewhere Someway. If you want the pure raw bluesiness of AC/DC, then anything from the Powerage album is perfect – Riff Raff or Down Payment Blues in particular.

  • February 10, 2021 at 4:23 am

    Eminence Front, Power – aj gent, lo-hi – Black keys, 10000 Watts- altered blues band, stood by me – feral sons, deja voodoo-Kenny Wayne Shepherd and more less anything from AC/DC Back in Black on my playlist.


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