The Georgia Thunderbolts Interview

Hailing from Rome, Georgia, the Georgia Thunderbolts blend southern rock and blues. The band just released its self-titled debut EP. Blues Rock Review caught up with frontman TJ Lyle to get the lowdown on how the band came together, the debut EP, the decision to release the EP during the pandemic, and more.

How did the 
Georgia Thunderbolts come together?

Zach, Logan and I went to the same school, we pretty much grew up together. When we got older we would hang out, listen to music and go to open mics uptown. There we met Bristol and Riley who went to school together in a different county. We got together for a jam session and hit it off. We haven’t looked back since!

The fact that you guys have been friends since high school… how helpful is that to have in a band?

Us all being friends since high school comes into play a lot actually. Especially when it comes to touring. You have to be around people you can get along with and fortunately for us we’re all brothers and inseparable.

For those new to your music how would you describe your sound? 

Our sound is familiar but original. Like a musical stew, it has all of our individual influences. It all starts with the roots, blues, country and rock. It’s a very raw and unpolished sound, that gives it a familiar yet original twist.

You guys are playing blues inspired rock and roll. How do you feel about the health of the genre at the moment?

The southern blues rock genre will always be strong. You have to go back to the roots and find what makes you move, and what moves others. The Thunderbolts start with our roots, it makes our sound. Blues music is as prominent today as it was in 1920; it’s the cornerstone for all music and it will always be relevant in everything you hear.


With the band’s debut EP dropping and no real touring at the moment are there any plans for online shows? 

I’m not very sure about the online shows just yet. But I know that we’re doing everything we can to get our music to people. Hopefully we will get to do one of those in the future.

Dealing with the pandemic do you think it’s important to put music into the world instead of holding off until full touring can resume?

100 percent! This world depends on music. The world revolves around sound. The earth itself is an instrument just open your ears and listen. It’s beautiful. Musicians need to get their music out there. It’s vital for a band to promote themselves, all people who love to listen to music are counting on it.

What are you most proud of with the debut EP?

I’m most proud of how far we have come as a team. We’ve grown so much just doing this first record and past touring we have done. I can only imagine what the future holds.

Pete Francis

Pete Francis is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blues Rock Review. Pete launched Blues Rock Review full-time in 2011 because he felt there was a major void in how the blues rock genre was covered. Pete is the host of Blues Rock Weekly and a co-host on the Blues Rock Show.

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