2000s Blues Rock Albums Worth Another Listen

Blues rock combines rock and blues music elements. The genre has a wide variety of instrumentation such as drums, the harmonica, electric bass guitar, and electric guitar. It was formed in the 1960s. Blues rock has inspired other music genres such as early heavy metal, southern rock, and hard rock. The following are albums from the early 2000’s worth another listen.

Sweet Tea (Buddy Guy-Silverstone Records, 2001)

Buddy Guy released Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues a decade before he made Sweet Tea. He won a Grammy award in the 1990s. His music career stagnated for several years before he stuck to a recording studio in Mississippi. The Sweet Tea album comprises cover songs from North Mississippi Hill Country books of T-Model Ford, Cedell Davis, and Junior Kimbrough.

Respect The Dead (Otis Taylor-Northern Blues, 2002)

Otis Taylor didn’t stick to traditional blues. Instead, he incorporated folk and rock roots, Delta-inspired blues with a literate songwriting style to create a modern sound. The musician disconcertingly recounts the lives of African-Americans.

Wish I Was In Heaven (R.L.Burnside-Fat Possum Records, 2000)

Come On In was R.L. Burnside’s first successful album. He made it in 1998. Wish I Was In Heaven was one of the top blues rock albums in 2000. It has a Mississippi Hill Country sound. The album consisted of songs highlighting betrayal and death. Dj Pete B, DJ Swamp, Smokey Hormel, Iki Levy, and Andy Kaulin helped Burnside create the album.

One Kind Favor (B.B. King-Geffen Records,2008)

B.B. King is a legendary blues rock artist. One Kind Favor showcases his amazing guitar skills. It has great throwback production, guitar playing, and choice covers. It was one of King’s last music albums before he passed away on May 14, 2015.

Freedom Creek (Willie Kind and the Liberators-Rooster Blues, 2000)

Willie recorded Freedom Creek live on a two-track analog in Mississippi. The album has a gospel vehemence especially when he claims that he is the reverend tonight. His backing band provided an undercurrent to his guitar riffs and coarse vocals.

Delta Hardware (Charlie Musselwhite-Real World Records, 2006)

Charlie Musselwhite restarted his music career after he lost his parents. He produced Delta Hardware in 2006 and explored house-rocking blues that have feverish performances. Charlie took his touring band to the studio and they recorded several Mississippi Delta-flavored blue songs.

Never Going Back’ (Shemekia Copeland-Telarc Records, 2009)

Never Going Back has different performances that range from rock music, Chicago-style blues, soul to R&B. Shemekia has expansive vocals that enable her to sing in threatening growls or sexy whispers in a song.

‘Play It ‘Til Tomorrow’ (Nick Moss and the Flip Tops-Blue Bella, 2007)

The Flip Tops and Nick Moss had several studio albums when they made ‘Play It ’til Tomorrow’. Their music collection was in a live disc. Their 2007 album was in a two-disc set. One CD has acoustic blues while the other had 14 tunes comprising modern electric Chicago blues and stage-scorching songs.

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