King King: Live Review

The chance to review the same show twice does not come along often. Having flown to Glasgow to catch King King live I honestly was a bit hesitant to review this album. Could a recording somehow tarnish the fond memories of that night? Well, fear not, King King Live captures every bit of the energy, artistry and excitement of that night and now you get to hear it for yourself.

The enthusiasm of the crowd is captured from Alan’s first words when he walks on stage and all the way until the encore of “Let Love In” the band is simply on fire. From the opening track of “Lose Control,” the rock steady duo of Wayne Proctor on drums and Lindsay Coulson on bass set a concrete foundation that underpins everything they do and are what cements this bands place as the current premier British blues rock band. From there they effortlessly transition to “Wait on Time” and “Waking Up.” Meanwhile, the kilted big man himself is front and center and you can hear the pride in Alan’s voice as his powerful vocals encourage the crowd into singing along with the hit “Rush Hour.” The beauty of his versatility is evidenced when he then turns on the soulful and tender side of his voice in the extended ballad “Long History of Love.” The true magic of this band is evident on this song through the interplay between everyone in the group as Alan’s searing guitar work builds off of the organ mastery of Bob Fridzema.

The band fires things up again with the up tempo rock of “More Than I Can Take” before getting introspective with “You Stopped The Rain.” Do not let Alan’s “This one’s for Stevie” quip at the beginning steer you down the SRV path as the song is really dedicated to his older brother Stevie Nimmo.  Glaswegian Frankie Miller’s plaintive “Jealousy” is a must considering the venue and the band seamlessly nails the pain and angst expressed in the song. They turn the rock up again with the pulsating rhythm section on “Crazy” as Bob’s organ assists and drives the chorus along. Things get funky as Wayne and Bob set the tone for “All Your Life” before the group gives us another long extended jam with the ballad “Stranger to Love” and Alan’s showmanship is on full display as the crowd gets quieter and quieter as he shushes them during a solo section where he basically had turned his guitar off. Unfortunately, the recording does not quite capture guitar work when he has it turned all the way down which if you were in the first few rows at the show you could hear since he was standing right on the edge of the stage.

The passion of Alan’s hometown crowd for this band is evident as they chant King King while waiting for the band to come out and treat them to the stellar encore of “Let Love In” where they once again get the crowd to participate. Ninety minutes flies by entirely two quickly and with the phenomenal catalog of songs that this group has its difficult to pick highlights much less a single highlight as they rolled from one superb track to the next. With a bonus DVD that contains a completely different show and even has some extra tracks, King King Live does a superb job capturing a remarkable performance and is a fitting first live album for this band.  Personally I am so happy that you all get to hear what was one of the top five concerts I have ever attended.

The Review: 10/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Rush Hour
– Long History of Love
– You Stopped the Rain
– Jealousy
– Stranger to Love

The Big Hit

– Rush Hour

Review by Kevin O’Rourke

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