Riley Road: Riley Road EP Review

Riley Road is a band of young musicians who have released their first self-titled, 5 song EP. Ranging in ages from 14-16 years old, these boys hold their own amongst those even twice their age in the genre. They met at an after school program and have put together something special. The band is comprised of Nick Cianci on guitar and vocals, Brandan Walker on bass, and Isaiah Weatherspoon on drums.

The EP starts off strong with a song called “Tied to Me.” It’s a mid-tempo blues/rock tune with tastefully placed guitar riffs and smooth vocals that have clearly been influenced by the greats that most 14-16 year olds may not have even heard of. “Easily” is another track on the album that has great lyrics. Wise words from a young person singing, “it’s all going to be alright, wait and see. I’m not giving in that easily.” The song “Like a Fool” is another gem with a unique sound that starts off with a cool riff and grabs the listener’s ears straight off the bat. The two other songs on the EP, “Leave it Alone” and “On Your Own” are a true testament to how well these young musicians play together.

With a promising future ahead, Riley Road is sure to have success. Check out the EP as fans hope of hearing a full album!

The Review: 8/10

The Big Hit

– Tied to Me

Review by Liz Lohnes

3 thoughts on “Riley Road: Riley Road EP Review

  • January 1, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Hey, I saw your review, checked out the music and just got a CD in the mail which is going into rotation this week! Thanks to Blues Rock Review for putting the band on their site, and thanks to the band for some very cool blues!

    Cap’n Barney, WMHB
    MAYFLOWER HILL BLUES, 6-8 AM Fri and Mon

    P.S. Isaiah W. is the drummer.

  • January 11, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    I have been following this band for a few years now. I was at the CD launch party and I have to tell you this band has … It! Have you ever wished you had seen Clapton or Entwistle or Bonham when they were just starting? You have an opportunity to do that with this band. See them now before they become legends in the industry. The CD is amazing for an artist of any age. the fact that they average only 15 … means the best is yet to come.

    Charles Wedemeyer
    Barfly Logic

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