Philip Sayce: Silver Wheel Of Stars EP Review

Canadian rocker and guitar boy wonder Philip Sayce, boasting quite the illustrious career, continues to rise to the occasion.  He offers up yet another chunk of gold with his latest EP, Silver Wheel Of Stars.  Transcending something part Hendrix, part Kravitz, Sayce fuses bluesy licks with arena rock chorus lines.  From one foot-stomper to the next, these six tracks only leave us wanting more.

The set opens with “Take You Away,” gripping hold of your ears with a heavy riff and heated growl.  Sayce’s vocals steam with certain gusto, his attitude perceived as raw passion, giving rich substance and commitment to each track’s core message.  This passion is equally matched, with a more gentle approach on “Are You Ready?.”  The standout of the lot, “Gimme Some More,” packs a punch, with killer guitar and drum solos reminiscent of a Hendrix tune.  As always, this track comes complete with a sing-along chorus sure to get the blood flowing.

Philip Sayce is a true master of the composition.  Building on the success he saw in his influences, he manages to crank out hit after hit, leaving his listeners fully entertained.  Sayce has a knack for catchy hooks and upbeat chorus lines, two fine ingredients for musical greatness.  Silver Wheel Of Stars will not disappoint.

The Review: 8.5/10

The Big Hit

– Gimme Some More

Review by Don Tice

One thought on “Philip Sayce: Silver Wheel Of Stars EP Review

  • It’s hard to find words to define Sayce’s work, and you found it.
    He’s a soulful entertainer. And he does it without any effort. It’s totally natural.
    I’m always waiting for his next album.


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