David Gogo: Christmas With the Blues Review

One of the few things that can make the holidays even better is not just Christmas music, but bluesy Christmas music. Luckily, David Gogo has you covered this holiday season as he’s recently released a Yuletide-themed 9-song album, Christmas With the Blues.

Gogo celebrates this particular December with a range of holiday songs, some well-known and others not so much. 5 of them have the word Christmas in the title, 2 name “Santa Claus” directly, and he even includes the ever-favorite “Little Drummer Boy.”

The music feels familiar, but still has a special cozy quality that makes it an ideal choice to celebrate with, away from the cold and closer to where the warmth of Christmas is already glowing.

Gogo tries to inject some additional fun by keeping things light, as with the humorous “Let’s Get a Real Tree,” which tells the tale of Christmas with a hippie girlfriend. Gogo’s aim seems to be to mostly steer from conventional Christmas musical themes, which can feel a bit strange at times (such as the particularly cheeky song “Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’).

The album is a worthy holiday romp though, and Gogo can be commended for bringing together two things very close to America’s heart: Christmas and the blues. At times it might not be a perfect bulls-eye, but as we’re told with the Christmas season, it’s the thought that counts.

In the end, Christmas with the Blues is a worthwhile album, and if you love blues and want a friendly reminder of the reason for the season, it’s more than recommended. After all, what’s not to like about any Christmas with the Blues?

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Christmas on the Bayou
– Santa Claus is Back in Town
– Little Drummer Boy

The Big Hit

– Little Drummer Boy

Review by Tyler Quiring

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