Dukesy and The Hazzards: Ain’t Coming Back To You Review

Australian funky blues band Dukesy and The Hazzards have finally released their full length debut album and they do it right! Three years after their self-titled debut EP, their first album is called Ain’t Coming Back To You, and one listen and you’ll be hopeful they give us more of their unique music. The album is essentially a jam album that at times can sound like early Funkadelic or James Brown and is a welcome addition to the library of anyone who likes music that seriously grooves.

The band consists of: Nick Brown (guitar/vocals Dave Evans (bass/vocals), Adrian Violi (drums), and Jarrah Whyte (keyboards/vocals). Brown receives writing credit on all nine of the tracks and he can write a decent song. The singing is very good at times and is overall above average, but this is an album they jam on. Most of the lyrics are at the beginning of the songs and are only there to serve as a set-up for some groovy jams which you can easily get wrapped up in. The great blend of vocals and groovy instrumentals is what makes them such a listenable band.

The album begins with a solid opener, “I Get Up.” The title describes this band, they raise their game and the song sets the tone for the album: laidback, groovy jams. The next two songs, “Hey There Little Lady,” and “Just Got Paid,” are straight up funk. The title track is a Dukesy take on some contemporary blues, as is the next track “The Long Road.”  The next three songs stretch out a little and let the music flow, with some fine soloing  on “Please,” and the longest song on the album, “One of Those Days.” The album closes with a relatively short number, “Running Out Of Time,” a track that despite being the second shortest on the album is not short of tasty instrumentals, featuring standout keys from Whyte.

There is not much to dislike about this album. The singing is strong. The drums are very good, the bass is meaty, superb keys, and exquisite guitar playing. This album merits repeated listening and belongs in the rotation of any funk, groove, or blues aficionado. It will have you tapping your feet, bobbing your head, and wanting more.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-Hey There Little Lady
-The Long Road
-One of Those Days

The Big Hit

One of Those Days

Review by Charlie DuMez

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