Dave Widow and The Line Up: Waiting for the World to End Review

While it is difficult to classify the latest release – Waiting for the World to End – by Dave Widow and the Line Up as either blues or rock, the album is full of catchy tunes and solid performances.

From an instrumental standpoint, the album is quite good featuring several quality B3 solos by Mike Finnigan. All of the players on the album are very good, and the arrangements are crisp, clean and tight. It’s very hard to find much wrong with the instrumental performance, except that the tunes are not really blues or rock. Other than the first track, “Bluesman,” the rest of the tunes sound like pop tunes from days gone bye.

Vocally, the album needs improvement. Widow’s vocals, in general, need to be edgier and fuller. At times his voice sounds strained, but he excels on three of the pop ballads on the fourteen-track album: “Reach Out,” “Picture of You,” and “Sweet Janine,” which are three of the best tracks on the record. The biggest problem vocally, however, is not Widow. The background singers sound as if they were pulled out of disco and 80s pop music and succeed in doing nothing but making it difficult to take the album seriously. The background vocals are simply cheesy; there’s no way around it. Widow’s lyrics are cliché, uninspired and lacking in originality. Lines like “I’m a blues man playing in a blues band,” “Now she’s long gone/She won’t be back now because she’s long gone” and “Don’t press send/Don’t let it offend” clutter the album and fail to impress.

All that being said, the instrumental performances are impressive and the album is well mixed, with every instrument placed appropriately in stereo spectrum, and some interesting changes in panning that keep even the discriminating audiophile satisfied. Though the music more closely resembles 70s pop music than blues, the tunes are catchy and enjoyable, even if cheesy at times. While there isn’t much on the album that is going to change the world, there also aren’t any bad performances and for that consistency, Widow and his band deserve credit.

The Review: 7.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Reach Out
– I Look for Things Like That
– Picture of You
– Sweet Janine

The Big Hit

– Sweet Janine

Review by Nik Rodewald

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