Simon McBride: Crossing The Line Review

Simon McBride’s methodical approach to the blues is a refreshing result of talent and a respect for the genre.  His heartfelt ballads and precise plucking allow him to capture the true essence of the blues, and an audience loyal to such style.  He and his guitar walk in stride, as they play off one another.  Simon’s classic blues sound, accompanied by his deep rasping vocals meld just right, giving way to an excellent new album, Crossing The Line.

With a thunderous howl, Simon opens with “Lead Us Away.”  This leads into “Go Down Gamblin,” where he begins his journey, from gambling to women and everything in between.  Simon has a knack for the art of the story, something indispensable to the blues.  The album nicely assorts the slower ballads within the edgier tracks, as Simon gets into a more sincere and gentle approach on tracks such as “No Room To Breathe” and “One More Try.”

“A Rock And A Storm” delivers a slight Middle-Eastern taste, with eloquent finger picking leading the way.  This ditty gives way to a devilish distortion overlaid by piercing solo work, as heard in “Heartbreaker.”  This song is filled to the brink with rattling guitars and edgy vocals, speaking to the indignation Simon feels, as he relives the experience with his listener.

Simon McBride’s Crossing The Line captures his flare for the blues, and should keep him in our minds and ears.  Fly under the radar no more. This kind of talent is meant to be shared.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Lead Us Away
– Go Down Gamblin’
– Don’t Be A Fool
– A Rock And A Storm
– Heartbreaker
– Down To The Wire (Revisited)

The Big Hit

– Heartbreaker

Review by Don Tice

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