Premiere: Jason Lee McKinney Band – Pieces

In a Blues Rock Review premiere watch the brand new music video “Pieces” from the Jason Lee McKinney Band. “Pieces” is the title track from the band’s eighth studio album, which is available in February.

“Pieces is a song that musically explains all that JLMB is- blues, soul, folk, gospel altogether,” says McKinney. Lyrically the song is petrichor after the lightning and thunder subside. It pinpoints the moment the sweet smell of hope secretes into the soul after an arduous breakup and you know you are actually going to be okay. I wrote the song with my son Zion which also makes it a naturally paternal favorite.”

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One Response to “Premiere: Jason Lee McKinney Band – Pieces”

  1. linda l slife says:

    Thanks so much for covering my favorite band; The Jason Lee McKinney Band. These guys are the real deal and deserve much success!

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