Vote for the Top 20 Albums of 2017!

On Wednesday, December 13, Blues Rock Review will reveal the Top 20 Albums of 2017! Place your votes for your favorite studio albums from 2017 and count for 50% of the vote! The remaining 50% will be voted on by the staff of Blues Rock Review.

Blues Rock Review will release its Top 20 Albums of 2017 on Wednesday, December 13, so get  your votes in by Monday, December 11 to help determine the year’s number 1 blues rock album!


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36 Responses to “Vote for the Top 20 Albums of 2017!”

  1. Regina says:

    Why is Steve Hill not on the list?

    • Blues Rock Review says:

      We reviewed the album in 2016 when it was released in Canada, so it’s not eligible for this year’s list even though it was released in the UK this year.

  2. Shane Witkowski says:

    you guys need a T SHIRT!!!! or some kinda merch—even a sticker(my wheelchairs got a LITTLE room left!)
    between the harley shit, the hang up and drive stuff the “give blood get a tattoo stuff…..and a lemmy RIP sticker(yup- i am a huge blues fan but lemmy cant be forgotten, oh- an dimebag as well. and the ride for ronnie dio
    i cant stick with one genre=how can i ?
    if it werent for the blues-so many hard rockers and metal maniacs..well=they wouldnt have had a musical base=(and BASS in lemmys case-and he played that thinh like a guitar-)
    yeah, so hurry with the merch-alot of folks dont have a clue as to how close blues rockers are to old skool blues…


  3. Joe Dreyer says:

    Voted for Selwyn Birchwood. Love his sound, and his new release is really good.

  4. HL Huffman says:

    Best album of 2017: Hurricane Ruth – Ain’t Ready for the Grave
    Check it out!

  5. Mike Judd says:

    Best Blues Rock Album for 2017…Savoy Brown-Witchy Feelin’!!!

  6. Freddy says:

    Eliza Neals “10,000 Feet Below” I just got it at the Venice Blues Festival and is surprisingly my vote for this year. What a breath of fresh air in this label run system, plus the album and Eliza is fxxckin HOT

  7. Keith W says:

    King King for me, also best live band of the year.

  8. Easy D says:

    Altered Five – Charmed And Dangerous, best album i heard in a long time.

  9. Rick Kite says:

    Great to see newcomers Greta Van Fleet on the ballot… and Congrats to the guys from Intrepid Artists for all the new music in contention this year from your musicians…

  10. Anita G says:

    I need more than one vote!!! So many good ones this year!

  11. Fernando says:

    Best blues rock album of 2017: Walter Trout “We’re all in this together”!

  12. Claudia Nasc says:

    The Gringos: The Animal Kingdom, for sure!!!

  13. James Huntington says:

    These guys have more talent than all of
    the others combined!
    Vote for Animal Kingdom

  14. Gary Milligan says:

    I agree not just one vote at least top ten.Maybe too hard to calculate ?

  15. Gary Milligan says:

    Californisoul Super Sonic Blues Machine got my vote
    Very close to KWS Lay It On Down
    Rufus Black And Hard Driver up there for me too

  16. Blues Rock Review says:

    For those of you who want to vote for more than one album you can also vote for a different album with your write in vote.

  17. Tom says:

    Angus and Julia Stone: Snow
    The War on Drugs: A Deeper Understanding

  18. Pam Taylor says:

    Thanks so much! I’m honored to be nominated among all these amazing artists. Feelin the ❤️

  19. Kristy L says:

    ZZ Ward should win!

  20. Mary London says:

    Eric Gales “middle of the road” fantastic personal. His bass playing on this just knocks me out.

    Some great work out there: an outstanding year for the blues!
    KWS, Jonny Lang, Walter Trout, Selwyn Birchwood, Geoff Achison

    Greta Van Fleet is my absolute fave new Blues Rock band. Incredible!

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  22. Adriana Guedes says:

    The Gringos: The Animal Kingdom for sure!
    Best album!
    Check it out!

  23. Roy says:

    Robin Trower because he deserves to be on any “Top Albums” list and he will otherwise lose out in a one vote contest.

  24. August Spuldangi says:

    Just saw Savoy Brown live last week, incredible music, as well as storytelling!

  25. Kerry says:

    Alastair Greene’s “Dream Train” got my vote. This is a breakout album for Alastair and I see he is going to the IBC next year. A lot of good songs and guitar and bass work. “Another Lie” with Walter should be up for Song of the Year. My second choice album is “Californiasoul” by Supersonic Blues Machine with the song “Hard Times” featuring the guy from Toto. KTBA!!

  26. Kalie Butler says:

    Only woman on here that kicks more ass than almost all of these men is Eliza Neals and her new album “10,000 Feet Below” just an awesome experience to listen to every song is amazing!

  27. Kari Oja says:

    Erja Lyytinen: Stolen Hearts… is really worth listening to… She´s the best

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  30. “Casey Hensley Live Featuring Laura Chavez” / Vizztone Label Group

  31. Harvey says:

    Pam Taylor Steal your heart. I great album

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