Video Premiere: The Empty Pockets -“Oh! Darling”

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive premiere watch the music video for The Empty Pockets’ rendition of The Beatles’ “Oh! Darling.” The Empty Pockets recorded their version at Abbey Road Studios and vocalist Erika Brett tracked her vocals with the same 1958 Telefunken condenser microphone used by Paul McCartney in the 1960s.

“We are a blues band obsessed with The Beatles,” says guitarist Josh Solomon. “We’ve played every neighborhood in Chicago, and we came up going to classic blues clubs like Kingston Mines, The Green Mill, Rosa’s, Legend’s, and Andy’s. There’s something universal about the blues, and also The Beatles. Wherever you are you can play songs from either catalog and everyone knows the music.”

Josh adds, “We wanted to capture the energy of our live show in the music video for “Oh! Darling” and the excitement from recording the song at Abbey Road Studios. Full band, no overdubs, just real blues rock and roll. The Beatles have a lot of blues songs, and this is definitely one of them—you can hear it in the chord changes and the melody.”

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