Little Feat cover Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied”

Little Feat has released a music video for its rendition of Muddy Waters’ “Can’t Be Satisfied.” It’s from the upcoming album, Sam’s Place, available May 17. Sam’s Place is Little Feat’s first album in 12 years and its first-ever blues album.

“This song was one we played back-to-back for many years with ‘Hot Tamales,’” said Bill Payne about “Can’t Be Satisfied.”  “Tony Leone got hold of the rhythm track and gave it new life with a walking tempo. Yes, it’s a dark song with pistols in the face and the like, but there is a joy in the track, uplifting and impossible not to love.”

“You can’t make a blues album without playing some Muddy Waters,” says Scott Sharrard, “and Little Feat has performed this on live shows over the years. What sets this rendition apart is Tony Leone’s nod to Levon Helm with the drum groove. This arrangement takes you from Mississippi, up to Chicago and lands down in Arkansas, where both Fred Tackett and Levon Helm were born.” 


1.   Milkman- Written by Sam Clayton (ASCAP), Fred Tackett for Hoceanna Music (ASCAP), and Scott Sharrard for Brickyard Blues Music BMI 
2.   You’ll Be Mine – Written by Willie Dixon for Hoochie Coochie Music (BMI)
3.   Long Distance Call – Written by Muddy Waters for Watertoons (BMI)
4.   Don’t Go No Further – Written by Willie Dixon for Hoochie Coochie Music (BMI)
5.   Can’t Be Satisfied – Written by Muddy Waters for Watertoons (BMI)
6.   Last Night – Written by Walter Jacobs for ARC Music (BMI)
7.   Why People Like That – Written by Bobby Charles for Street People Songs (BMI)
8.   Mellow Down Easy – Written by Willie Dixon for BMG Bumblebee (BMI)
9.   Got My Mojo Working (Live) – Written by Preston Foster for Dar Music, Inc (BMI)  

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