Premiere: Todd Sharpville – “Money For Nothing” Live

In a Blues Rock Review exclusive premiere, watch Todd Sharpville’s performance of the Dire Straits classic “Money For Nothing” Live At Rockpalast featuring Will Wilde on harp.

“18 years ago, I was a patient in a mental hospital for a couple of months on the back of a big-ass breakdown. A fellow patient was in love with the Dire Straits original so he played it relentlessly at high volume, morning day and night,” says Sharpville about the song. “If you weren’t crazy when you went in, you were guaranteed to be crazy by the time you listened to “Money For Nothing” a million times in a row. I figured I’d  cover the song in order to exorcise the ghosts of the original & put it on my Medication Time time album because it was such a memorable part of my hospital story.”

Sharpville adds, “My original studio version featured the great Sugar Ray Norcia on harmonica, and there’s few folks in Europe who can blow harp to that standard; Will Wilde is one of ‘em! I used to date Will’s sister Dani (another awesome musician), so we’ve been pals for many years. Whenever anyone asks me ”who’s the hottest harp guy in the UK,” I often have to explain that no-one over here comes close to touching Will. His guest spot on my RockPalast show video proves it!”

The song is featured on Sharpville’s newly released Live at Rockpalast album.

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