Anthony Gomes announces “High Voltage Blues”

Known for his unforgettable live shows and catchy guitar riffs, acclaimed blues-rock guitarist Anthony Gomes will release his 13th album entitled High Voltage Blues on Friday, September 23rd. The new album is a compilation of songs from throughout Gomes’ career including selections from his highly successful 2020 album Containment Blues that landed at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart. High Voltage Blues features three new studio tracks along with nine re-recorded favorites from his catalog. The album also comes with three bonus tracks: two extra songs and an extended version of his early hit “Darkest Before The Dawn.” Produced by Peter Carson and mixed by Chris Collier, High Voltage Blues is being released via Rat Pak Records and is now available for pre-order here.

From the infectious opening riff of “Painted Horse” to the melodic outro of “Blues Child,” Anthony Gomes showcases the songwriting and guitar skills that have developed him a loyal following. New tracks like “Fur Covered Handcuffs” and “I Believe” complement the staples from Gomes like “Red Handed Blues” and “Blues In The First Degree.” Legendary bassist Billy Sheehan and KoRn drummer Ray Luzier make guest appearances on three songs “Painted Horse,” “Born To Ride” and the bonus track “Rebel Highway.” Renowned vocalist Bekka Bramlett and The Voice™ contestant Wendy Moten also show up on the new version of “Darkest Before The Dawn.” A music video for the first single “Blues-A-Fied” shows Gomes visiting numerous landmarks in Memphis that are important to the history of blues music. Stax Museum, Sun Studios, BB King’s Blues Club and even the legendary Crossroads make an appearance in the video.

The music video for “Blues-A-Fied” can be seen below:

“We had a lot of fun rocking these songs up,” explains Anthony Gomes. “As an artist, it was great to circle back to some of my past work and look at it from a different perspective. Billy and Ray really pushed the way I play guitar and they added a whole new element, with a little insanity. I like to think of my style as what it would be like if B.B. King was in AC/DC, that’s what I feel we try and capture. That’s High Voltage Blues in a nutshell.”


01 Painted Horse (featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
02 Fur Covered Handcuffs
03 Blues-A-Fied
04 Born to Ride (featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
05 Peace, Love and Loud Guitars (featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
06 I Believe
07 Red Handed Blues
08 Turn It Up!
09 Blues In The First Degree
10 Hell and Half of Georgia
11 Darkest Before The Dawn (featuring Bekka Bramlett & Wendy Moten)
12 Blues Child


13 White Trash Princess
14 Rebel Highway (featuring Billy Sheehan & Ray Luzier)
15 Darkest Before The Dawn (Extended Version) (featuring Bekka Bramlett & Wendy Moten)

6 thoughts on “Anthony Gomes announces “High Voltage Blues”

  • First off great article….Anthony Gomes by far is the greatest musician of our time. His shows keep you on youyr feet, and he is one of the greatest guys in the world. Anthony Gomes shows have it all.

  • Bar none one of the greatest rocking’ blues writer, singer, performer, with edgy songs, and great riffs. Thank you for featuring AG!

  • Anthony Gomes is like a Fine Wine, He just gets better with time, Love his new song.

  • A consummate professional in every sense, Anthony Gomes rocks the bejeebers right outta the blues in his latest, Blues-A-Fied! Be forewarned,this video is addictive in the most delightful way!! Thank you for the neat write-up Blues Rock!

  • This guy has single handedly restored my interest in Blues / Rock & Roll.
    “Blues A Fied” has me wanting to grab my guitar & jam along from the first time I heard it! I’ve seen Anthony live twice now and wait to see him again! Great showman!

  • Anthony Gomes is like no other ( A True Blues Child ) Vocals that will restore your soul Guitar Licks that will amaze you !!! check out his book he published (The Black & White of Blues ) Seeing him live will rock your world like no other thank you Blues Rock for sharing Anthony Gomes new Release Just keeps geting better (Keepin the Blues Alive ) KS Street Team


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