10 Great Slow Blues Songs

What’s better than to sink deep into tunes and rhythm of a slow blues? Well, don’t ask me.

That’s why I put together this list of the 10 great slow blues songs. The list includes songs from blues legends to artists/bands with only a couple of albums under their belt. Songs from the 60s to the 2000s. But one thing is for sure, every one of these is worth listening to. Let’s get started!

“I’ll Play The Blues For You” – Daniel Castro

Hanging outside the clubs when the greats performed has paid off for Castro and he deserves a place from this list. This over 7 minute slow blues masterpiece was featured on his 1999 album “No Surrender”. The album itself is worth listening to every blues fan, but if you crave slow blues, make sure you give “I’ll Play The Blues for You” a listen. Both the vocals and guitar licks are top-grade material.

“A Man And The Blues” – Buddy Guy

Hit from Buddy Guy’s second studio album released in 1968 that bears the name of the album. The album also includes other great songs such as “Money (That’s What I Want)” and “Sweet Angel”, but “A Man And The Blues” stands out as it’s one of the best songs Guy wrote himself for this album. It’s a 6-minute moody blues piece and oh boy is it slow. But in a good way.

“Slightly Hung Over” – Blues Delight

“Quebec Blues at its best!”- Blues Delight states on their home page. After listening to “Slightly Hung Over” (and without knowing Quebec blues scene that well) it’s hard to argue! Five experienced blues musicians have united their passion for blues and the only thing I think is missing is more songs from them. “Slightly Hung Over” is a really simple song, but it represents what slow blues is all about. Emotion, catchy rhythm, and well build guitar licks. I recommend you give this song and their album Blues Delight a listen or two.

“Worried Down With The Blues” – Larry McCray

I can’t argue with McCray’s album title: Born to Play The Blues, because clearly, Larry was. His sister Clara introduced Larry to the Three Kings, but Larry’s playing also includes lots of rock-style licks that differentiate him from many other Blues Artists who use The Three Kings’ as their inspiration. “Worried Down With The Blues” is a great example of this. He uses a fair amount of gain and dirt on his guitar’s tone, and at least I will remember his “dirty” licks for a long time.

“I Hate These Doggone Blues” – Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown

“He had a voice like a gate”-Clarence Brown’s high school instructor. But there’s no denying that “The Gatemouth” took advantage of the chances given to him and that’s why we can enjoy his blues and slow blues songs today. “I Hate These Doggone Blues” is an entertaining song from his 1989 album “Standing My Ground” and if old-school blues is your thing, go on and add the whole album to your playlist.

“The Mists of Time” – John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers

Yes, there have been awesome slow blues songs post-2000. Originally founded in 1963, John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers have been on and off during the years. But I’m grateful that they have been making music. “The Mists of Time” is one of the well-known pieces of them, and for a reason. The song is rock solid overall and ends in perfect harmony between every instrument played. It also gives some Pink Floyd vibes and that’s always a good thing.

“Have You Ever Loved A Woman” – Eric Clapton

If you are a guitar guy like me, you will love this song. Well, it’s no wonder because it comes from guitar legend Clapton. “Have You Ever Loved A Woman” features Clapton’s awesome blues licks, moody singing(even some falsetto), slide solo, and slow tempo. So this song is a must-listen for slow blues and guitar fans. (Find out more blues songs for guitar here).

“This is My Last Goodbye” – William Clarke

If you are a harmonica guy, you will love this song. Known for his vocals and harmonica, Clarke gives us almost 3 minutes of pure slow blues. The song could even have been a bit longer and it makes you want more. And even though Clarke passed way too early (age of 45), he was able to put out 22 albums in his 28-year music career. So go on, dive deep into Clarke’s music.

“What In The World” – Rory Gallagher

Irish guitar legend he is. Another who died too young (age of 47). In his playing, Gallagher mixed rock and blues style and that’s one reason he was and is so popular. It’s hard to not like his guitar licks and singing. “What In The World” is a 9-minute piece that is a perfect example of why Rory Gallagher can be called a “guitar legend”. The solos on this song are amazing and full of emotion.

“Cold, Cold Feeling” – Jimmy Witherspoon

Really slow tempo, Fender-type clean guitar licks, and great vocals. That’s what “Cold, Cold feeling” is all about. “Cold, Cold Feeling” was written by Jessie Mae Robinson and recorded by T-Bone Walker in 1950-1952. Witherspoon released his version of this Cold n’ Slow blues song in 1980 and it has been a hit since. Must-listen for slow blues lovers.


There you have it, 10 great slow blues songs. Personally, my favorite pieces are “I’ll Play The Blues for You” (Daniel Castro also looks like my father-in-law) and “The Mists of Time”. But there is one question I didn’t get an answer…What’s your favorite slow blues song? Comment down below!

Teemu Suomala

Teemu has played guitar since 2009 and is mostly jamming with electric guitars, although of course plays acoustics too. He was mostly into metal and punk when he started taming his guitar, but recently he has found rock and blues to be his music of choice. Teemu and his guitar geek team produce gear reviews, how-to guides, and all sorts of super-helpful guitar content at

22 thoughts on “10 Great Slow Blues Songs

    • Just listened to “Blackest Day” Lynn… 8 minutes of slow blues guitar magic! Thanks for pointing that song out, I love the solo part starting out at 4:00!

    • If you post it as your playlist on Spotify I’ll play it immediately.

  • I cover the Waterfront- Van Morrison and JLH
    Blue Jean Blues – Jeff Healey Band
    Red House – Prince and Maceo Parker (live)
    Five Long Years – Buddy Guy
    How Blue can You get – BB King
    Blue on Black – Kenny Wayne shepherd
    Slip Back – Marcus King Band

    • Truly great list Andreja, thanks for stopping by! 🙂 (“How Blue Can You” get is a masterpiece!)

  • Great songs! I’ll have to add them to my playlist. Here are a few I like –

    Do You Believe in Love? – Vargas Blues Band (with Chris Rea),
    Sad and Lonely – Brent Lindsay & James Glass,
    Blues ‘fore Dawn – Jimmy Thackery,
    I Idolize You – Lizz Wright & Ike Turner,
    Blues for the West Side – Ronnie Earl,
    Dengue Woman Blues – Jimmie Vaughn,
    Same Old Blues – Freddie King,
    Here in the Dark – Taj Mahal,
    Electric Memphis Blues – Chris Rea,
    Until the Next Time – Dave Meneketti,
    A Fool for Your Stockings – ZZ Top,
    Need Your Love So Bad – Gary Moore,
    Dizzy Slow Blues – Nuno Mindelis,
    Purple – Shuggie Otis,
    Did Somebody Make a Fool Out of You Ana & Milton Popovic,
    Mean Old World – T-Bone Walker,
    Truth Never Lies – Blindside Blues Band,
    Slow Blues – Mick Taylor,
    My Mind is Trying to Leave Me – Albert Collins,
    Somebody Loan Me a Dime – Fenton Robison,
    You Got the Silver – Susan Tedeschi,
    Fool – Coco Montoya,
    Lonely Bed – Albert Cummings & Tommy Shannon,
    Your Time to Cry – Jimmy Johnson,
    A Quitter Never Wins – Tinsley Ellis,
    Nice & Warm – Tab Benoit,
    Three Hours Past Midnight – Colin James,
    She Moves Me – Johnny Childs,
    Crazy Love – Long John Hunter,
    Mystified – Laith Al-Saadi,
    Pass Me Not, Oh Gentle Savior – the Campbell Brothers,
    Alchemy – Philip Sayce,
    Lonesome in my Bedroom – Jay Stollman,
    One Step Forward – Dr. Feelgood,
    Don’t Turn Your Heater Down – Albert King, Steve Cropper, & Pop Staples…

    This is what happens when I’m bored and stuck in a waiting room, lol.

    If you like these, check out my playlist:

    • Thanks for sharing that playlist Kirby (it’s awesome!), “A Fool for Your Stockings” by ZZ Top was a completely new slow Blues piece for me, what a great song!

  • Tin Pan Alley…prefer SRV’s live versions, but a great slow blues regardless

    • Just listened to it (a 13min version with Johnny Copeland), that piece rocks! thank you for sharing that with us!

  • Well it’s a good list but your list includes some modern so…

    Eliza Neals “Queen Of The Nile”

    I hear it almost every day and I tell you there is no one alive I believe that can sing like this. Truly remarkable

    • Warren…Eliza Neal can sing some awesome slow Blues, that’s for sure. Thanks for commenting!!

    • I must say, the solo on that song is truly amazing!!

  • In my Slow blues playlist on spotify I have the following:

    Say goodbye to the blues – Walter Trout
    Jumping at shadows – Henrik Freischlader
    Blues for J – Julian Sas
    I had a dream – Gary Moore
    I’m tired of these blues – Mighty Sam McClain
    Blues Prisoner -Tommy Castro
    Amen – Buddaheads
    Blues Deluxe – Joe Bonamassa
    The Sky is crying – Jimmy Johnson
    While we cry – Kenny Wayne Shepherd

    • Thanks for sharing Carsten! I can’t believe I have missed that Slow Blues piece from Gary Moore previously (even tho I have listened to his stuff a lot)…”I had a dream” is a really good song

  • Good list – thanks. My playlist has three others:

    A Million Miles Away – Rory Gallagher
    That’s Why I Play the Blues – Gary Moore
    The Bluest Blues – Alvin Lee

    • Thanks for commenting Stan, again Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore are both so amazing. And all those 3 you mentioned are a must-listen.

  • Boz scaggs don’t ask me bout nothing but the blues

    • Jack, thanks for bringing that song to our attention…It’s an awesome Bobby “Blue” Bland cover!

  • I would like to add
    Paul delay – Can’t stand your evil ways
    Samantha Martin – Chasin dreams
    Sven Zetterberg – lets straigten it out
    Maria Daines – that is what the blues is all about
    Meena cryle an Chris filmore – it makes me scream

    • Thanks for stopping by Jos! “Can’t Stand Your Evil Ways” is really underrated but great piece of Slow Blues 🙂

    • Maria Daines writes some fabulous songs, particularly slow blues like “That Is What The Blues Is All About”. An amazing voice too. She is very prolific, but the quality is always high.

  • Robin Trower – “I can’t live without you”. One of the finest slow blues songs I’ve ever heard.


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