Billy Gibbons releases “Jingle Bell Blues” video

Santa, his sleigh and reindeer have some additional help this holiday season in the person of Billy F Gibbons.  The ZZ Topper has released “Jingle Bell Blues,” a blue-rock take on dashing through the snow.  In Billy’s hands, the song has been transformed into a 12 bar blues with the track out now from Concord Records.

Billy commented on the newly released video saying, “The animators put me in a hot rod that looks suspiciously like our very own ’34 Ford-based ‘Whiskey Runner’ though they’ve made some few seasonal adjustments.  There’s considerable snowfall so the wheels are replaced midway by a set of skis and now there’s a pickup bed in the back so gifts can rain down from it. They have me doing a header into a chimney but it’s not clear if I get to to enjoy any cookies and milk for my efforts. Just the same, I’m really digging the snowman blowing some great blues harp in the time-honored Jimmy Reed style.”

“Jingle Bell Blues” is available through all streaming and digital platforms and as a as well as a lavishly packaged traditional 45 RPM single, pressed on red translucent vinyl.  The cover art depicts multiple Cadillac Fleetwood Broughams stacked to reflect the shape of a traditional Christmas tree while the obverse is adorned by a swanky stylized wire wheel.  The “flip side” of the record is an etched surface that replicates the sidewall of a bias ply tire with raised letters spelling out the song title and Billy’s name.  Lastly, and of special note, is the fact that the red vinyl version comes with a Billy F Gibbons center hole adapter making it easy to play on any standard turntable.


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