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JD Simo releases “Love” music video

Guitarist JD Simo has released a music video for “Love.” The track is featured on Simo’s upcoming album, JD Simo, available on August 21st.

“This song and video embody exactly where I’m at, at this moment. Doing my best to stay positive and non-complacent in these times,” Simo says about the track. “During the pandemic, I’ve been more connected to my peers than ever before. I’ve also had time to learn skills and dive into records with a passion I haven’t felt since I was a teenager. Silver linings indeed. I made this with my friends and I’m proud to share it right now. The sentiment and vibe is what I want to share. Now is not a time for grandstanding, I feel. It’s a time to band together and be selfless, compassionate, and loving. Hope you enjoy my humble video.”

The video also features cameo appearances from Luther Dickinson, Todd Park Mohr, Kirk Fletcher, and others.

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