Top 10 Marcus King Songs

Still in his 20s, Marcus King is one of the top young artists in the blues rock genre. King was raised in Greenville, South Carolina, and is a fourth-generation musician. He launched the Marcus King Band in 2013 and is known for his incredible guitar work and soulful vocals.

Here are King’s top 10 songs to date.

10. “Beautiful Stranger”

“Beautiful Stranger” appears on El Dorado and was a co-write with Dan Auerbach and Paul Overstreet. It’s a soul song where King sings about searching for love.

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9. “I Won’t Be Here”

“I Won’t Be Here” is featured on King’s 2014 release, Soul Insight, which came out when King was just 19 years old. It’s a song about heartbreak.

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8. “Radio Soldier”

“Radio Soldier” is one of the standout tracks on 2016’s Marcus King Band album produced by Warren Haynes.

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7. “Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That”

“Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That” is another track off the Marcus King Band album and features a strong Warren Haynes influence with retro sounding horns.

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6. “Jealous Man”

One of the crowning jewels of 2016’s Marcus King Band, King belts, “I am a jealous man trying to hold on to that good thing, no, but it’s killing me inside.”

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5. “Side Door”

“Side Door” is off King’s 2018 release, Carolina Confessions. It’s a track about separation in a relationship as King sings, “Darlin’, leave your side door open and I’ll be there as your sunset turns to night.”

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4. “Rita Is Gone”

“Rita Is Gone” is another standout soul track from the Marcus King Band. The song really comes alive in the live setting as showed with an appearance on Jam in the Van.

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3. “One Day She’s Here”

“One Day She’s Here” is one of the highlights from 2020’s El Dorado. It’s a throwback, retro tune evoking the sounds of the ’70s with a David Lynch influenced music video.

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2. “The Well”

“The Well” is a rocker from El Dorado and one of King’s most popular tracks to date. The Dan Auerbach influence here is evident as Auerbach co-wrote the song along with King and Ronnie Bowman.

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1. “Goodbye Carolina”

“Goodbye Carolina” features on King’s 2018 Carolina Confessions. It’s an emotional track King wrote from the perspective of a close friend who committed suicide.

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  • what about slip back? Where I’m headed? Mkb is a unique talent on the blues rock scene. His voice and guitar playing are brilliant.


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