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New Wave classic rock band Bad Touch is set to release its fourth album Kiss The Sky on June 19. Blues Rock Review caught up with frontman Stevie Westwood to get the scoop on the new record and find out what the band’s been up to since touring came to a halt.

Kiss The Sky comes out in June. How would you describe the album?

It’s big, it’s in your face, condensed feel good sunshine for the soul. We as a unit are so proud of what we’ve created. It’s 110% Bad Touch, and it has taken everything, that each member had to give, to create. It’s been a hard fought album, we’ve come the closest we ever have to killing each other, but the end product (hopefully) speaks for itself.

We have taken a lot more time, effort, sweat and tears when it came to this album from the get-go. Our attitude to songwriting was a lot more critical. If a song wasn’t cutting-the-mustard, we either changed it until it did, or chucked it in the bin and moved on. No compromises.

How was recording at Rockfield Studios?

It was truly awe-inspiring. It’s such a renowned space, where so many of our musical forefathers cut their mustard. I sat at Freddie Mercury’s piano, yknow? The one that he wrote ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on? It doesn’t get anymore cranium-exploding than that!

But beyond that the whole team were fantastic and we owe a lot to our friend and producer Nick “Brino” Brine.

You write songs in a practice studio called “The Cabin.” What is the process like writing songs there?

Same as any proper rehearsal space, cramped, hot ‘n’ sweaty.  We find you get the best riffs when you’re struggling to breathe! Haha! But with regards “process,” we all bring different things to the table, everyone chips in, we’re a proper band, a team and a family.

You’ve been doing daily Facebook videos called “The Isolation Sessions” to stay connected with your fans while everyone is at home. How has that been?

It’s been great. It started off as a somewhat selfish venture, a way of staving off boredom induced insanity! I think we’re up to around 30 videos now, and I’m loving the fact people are still watching and commenting and pushing me to do more. It sucks to not be playing music with my brothers, but I’ve had some really awesome comments saying that they are making people’s day and keeping them going during such a weird time… and that really means the world.

What else has the band been doing off the road?

We’re embarking on a little project at the minute… a way off getting your Bad Touch fix whilst we all observe the current rules of the world. It’s in early stages, but keep your eyes peeled on the socials. Hush hush, wink wink.

What are you looking forward to most when the band is able to get back on the road and start touring?

We are all stir crazy and desperate to get back out there as soon as it’s safe to do so. Anyone who knows Bad Touch, knows that we don’t sit about for long, we live for the road and being on stage. To think our last show was the start of Dec 2019, to me, is an absolute crime, but hey, that’s how it goes. We look to the future, we’re still mates, we’ve got a killer new album (in our humble opinion) coming out June 19th, so we’re just biding our time, honing our craft, and making sure that when we’re back we’re bigger, better and badder than ever!!

Interview by Pete Francis

Bad Touch’s new album Kiss The Sky is released by Marshall Records on June 19th.
Pre-order the new album Kiss The Sky
Bad Touch tour the UK with special guest ‘Piston’ from September 18th. Tickets:

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