Must Hear Throwback Blues Rock Albums

Any blues rock fan can never run short of options due to the plethora of options to choose from. When the blues-soaked tunes of the 60s and 70s started hitting the airwaves, winning awards after awards, fans knew that a good thing was coming. Artists were becoming even more popular, and they grew their followers significantly. Fans may have had their opinions, but one thing was clear; the injection of some rock into blues music was a big deal. In this article, we highlight some must hear throwback blues rock albums that will forever be cherished by the fans, like any of the greatest songs that were included in them.

Bad Company by Bad Company

Released in 1974, everything about this album was spectacular. The combination of strong vocals and a rhythmic groove screamed blues rock. The fans loved it, and those that still value going back to their old collections, Bad Company is remains a great album.

The Truth by Jeff Beck

So unfortunate that this blues rock album remains underrated, but there are reasons why it had a strong impact on the rock scene. It was released way back in 1968, when people were still trying to get into the groove with the blues rock thing. It commands a place among the top blues rock albums due to the strong punch that it comes with.

Tons of Sobs by Free

Another classic from the lower drawers, Tons of Sobs was something. It was powerful in the manner the lyrics went with the tune, and the instruments were superbly played throughout the album. If a rendition of the tracks in the album was to be done today, it would take some time getting it off the top of musical charts.

Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac

When you think about the best blues rock albums ever made in the music world, the 1969 album should be somewhere ahead of the pack. One of the most beautiful tracks should definitely be “Coming Your Way”.

Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominos

The title of the album speaks a lot about this one. It was purely a touch of blues and rock all in one to come up with sensational ballads from the first track to the last.

Morrison Hotel by The Doors

A blues rock fan will not mind the fact that this album will be 50 years old on February 2020. It spells originality from track to track. It features some timeless tracks that remain in the hearts of fans.

461 Ocean Boulevard by Eric Clapton

We probably won’t have held Eric Clapton with this much regard today if he didn’t give us the blues rock albums in his time. He will be remembered as one of the perfectionists of the then newly-found art.

Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin

Is there any artist with more blues rock albums really? It is easy to pick any of Led’s albums for a slot among the best blues rock fusions of all time. It was in his blood; his performances, vocals, and the lyrics went well with the new genre.

Let It Bleed by The Rolling Stones

In no particular order, the late 1969 album ranks among the top on its category, and for a good reason. At one point, the tracks confused the new set of fans who didn’t actually believe the fusion would come out that nice. It was certainly a well presented album.

Tali Haim

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