Ellis Mano Band: Here and Now Review

Switzerland rockers Ellis Mano Band deliver an album as smooth as whiskey with Here And Now. Ellis Mano Band is a band to watch with all of the members being well known in the Swiss music scene one way or the other; being a radio personality, playing behind some of the biggest Swiss names, even working with artists that learned from our very own Bob Dylan. I won’t give it away though, I’ll let you check out the band yourself to figure out who did what! Sneaking out of the supporting shadows and into their own spotlight, Ellis Mano Band bring us their own taste of blues with Here And Now.

Jumping right into the album, “Whiskey” throws a punch from the very first guitar stroke that Edis Mano throws down – equally matching Chris Ellis’ voice that rolls off his tongue like a well aged bourbon. After you finish sipping on that “Whiskey”, Ellis Mano Band shows a bit softer edge with “Here And Now”, a gritty yet soulful song reminding us that this moment right here and now is the most important moment. A bit of a surprise hits you with the next track “Where We Belong” with a perky piano that harmonizes with Chris Ellis’ voice so beautifully. “Where We Belong” really resonates as a hometown anthem, a love letter to the place that raised you. Keeping with that romantic and light guitar in the air, “Goodbye My Love” sways your soul. Chris Ellis’ voice backs “Goodbye My Love” with that well known blues grit, but Edis Mano and the rest of the crew create a beautiful and whimsical tune as if the song is floating as soft as a flower in the wind. Don’t forget about “Bad Water”, a song that sounds like it’s straight out of a western. “Bad Water” is a down right bad ass song that you can kick some dust up to, sounding like some gun slinging cowboys wrote it sitting around a fire after kicking the town villain out of town. Ending the album is “Jeannine”, a song that will no doubt remind you of the bayou down in Louisiana. “Jeannine” is full of trumpet, a beat you can clap to, and some hooping and hollering to end the album on a feel good note as if you were celebrating Mardi Gras down in the south.

With Here And Now being their debut album, you can tell the Ellis Mano Band crafted it perfectly and had a direct sound they wanted to convey to all of those that have followed them in their conquests over the years. There is not a single moment of Here And Now that sounds like it does not belong, every beat and transition flows as smooth as whiskey. Coincidence that their first song is called “Whiskey”? I’ll let you make that decision while you go check out their killer album.

The Review: 8/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Whiskey
– Here And Now
– Bad Water

The Big Hit

– Bad Water

Review by Kailee Mills

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