Springsteen Saves Broadway Box Office From The Winter Freeze

January is usually a difficult month for entertainment. With the revelry of the Christmas season over, January tends to a quieter month, reserved for resolutions and new starts. However, The Boss has a show on Broadway, and nothing, not even January, stops for The Boss.

Famous for giving three hour long gigs, rock legend Bruce Springsteen shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The New Jersey native is currently in the midst of a Broadway show, playing to crowds five nights per week at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Tickets are selling for around $1000, and a ticket lottery operates for those who want to try their hand at getting tickets, but can’t afford to fork out the huge some for seeing the star.

The Broadway show is a departure from Springsteen’s recent touring schedule, during which he played large arenas, and gave show stopping gigs with the E Street Band, with whom has has been playing since humble beginnings in New Jersey. During a stop in Las Vegas, he played a cover of Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. While Elvis died in 1977, his legacy continues to shape popular culture. The popularity of rock and blues can be attributed to the King himself to a large extent, and his hometown of Las Vegas has never forgotten him; online slots even honour him in a Mr Vegas game, which you can play in Bitcoin, something which you aren’t yet able to do when in Las Vegas.

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Much of The Boss’ music reflects his working class upbringing in New Jersey, and his lyrics are often carry a political message. As a young man, he met his friends, with whom he would form the E Street Band. Together they would tour around the world several times, perform together at the superbowl, and whilst there would be deaths along the way (Clarence Clemmons and Danny Federici) Springsteen and the E Street band have played together for over 50 years, and show no sign of slowing down. Due to an Oscar and a Grammy win already under his belt, some have speculated that The Boss might be trying to go EGOT (a winner of an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony). He is already halfway there, and maybe the Broadway show could secure is Tony. Perhaps he will do a star turn in a gritty miniseries based in New Jersey to secure his Emmy.

The Broadway concert is not performed with the E Street Band and sees Bruce pared back, sitting at a piano and giving one of the most intimate gigs of his life. Whilst some have criticised The Boss for not giving a full gig, charging extortionate prices and only playing to very few people, reviews from the press have been largely positive, with many reviewers awarding him five stars for his Broadway turn. It was announced in late December that the Broadway show would be extended, with many wondering whether an increase in tickets would drive down the price. While the price of The Boss’ Broadway run doesn’t look set to change, there are some things you could do to get your fill of the rock legend…

  1. Watch The 2009 Superbowl Halftime Show 

If you have never seen it before, Springsteen’s twelve minutes with the E Street Band and the Miami Horns, declaring that they would give a twelve minute party. True to form, the party lasted twelve minutes and forty five seconds, which for The Boss and his Band was probably a record. They play a medley of the greatest hits, substituting baseball references for football ones, with brass notes provided by the Miami Horns.

  1. Listen to The Boss’ Autobiography 

You may have seen it on the best seller lists in 2016, however if you haven’t picked up the hardback book yet, you might want to listen to the audiobook instead. Read by Springsteen himself and featuring unheard tracks, it’s probably the best way to get an intimate moment with The Boss without having to spend $1000 on a Broadway ticket.

  1. Listen to the Musicians Inspired by The Boss 

The Boss doesn’t look set to release another album anytime soon; if you’re familiar with his entire discography and you’re looking for something fresh, why not listen to some of the musicians Springsteen has inspired? For instance, The Gaslight Anthem were known for their robust tones and striking chords, however they cite The Boss as one of their biggest inspirations, and he has even joined them on stage at their gigs. If you’re a fan of Bruce’s work in the late 80s, you’ll enjoy the sound of the Gaslight Anthem.

The Boss’ career has been long and varied, whilst the Broadway Show seems to be the only opportunity to see Springsteen live, we’re sure that he and the E Street Band will be touring again in the near future.

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