Ty Curtis: Water Under The Bridge Review

’70s-style rock blended with a hint of southern twang is the music ambiance of Ty Curtis’ Water Under The Bridge. This album weighs heavy with futuristic takes on the genre of blues rock. The emphatic screaming lead guitars carry Curtis’ vocals through every arrangement, with musical grace and elegance. The subtle hints of southern rock twang bring vibrance to every song, which showcases Curtis’ authentic sense of musicianship.

Curtis has a uniquely written album to add to his discography with Water Under The Bridge, and proves that there is a market for limitless creations in writing blues rock music. Curtis’ ability to think outside the box, and blend his influences from other genres of music, perfectly amongst the assortment of true blues rock style, redefines intelligent songwriting. Stepping away from the rigid forms of technicalities, song structure, and instrumentation used by the majority of blues rock artists, Water Under The Bridge allows listeners to have a breath of fresh musical air. To indulge completely into Curtis’s 4th album release, is to immerse into a whole new realm of blues rock music. Creating ahead of the current techniques used by other blues and rock artists, Curtis uses his talent to bring to life a futuristic take on the original stylings of blues rock music.

Incorporating subtle differences is the key to greatness on Water Under The Bridge; not too much, not too far off, and doing it in the right areas, makes his creative spins on blues rock, work in his favor. By adding things in the background like guitar solos and keyboard riffs as heard on the opening track, “Key To My Heart,” it is the subtlety of these technical additions, that most artists spend years trying to perfect. And Curtis has down to a science throughout every track on this album. Take for example, the explosion of emotion-power-packed lyrics of the rock ballad, “Loveless Time.” It is on this ballad track, that Curtis displays natural human emotion encapsulated in an ambiance of simple instrumentation, and tastefully written arrangement. It is through this particular style of musical creation, that the authentic musicianship Curtis has, shines brightest amongst the rest of the tracks on the album.

Displayed at the forefront of each track, is his natural ability to capture undivided attention from listeners with tantalizing instrument lines in each song arrangement. Highly evolved artistry, intellectual lyrics, and polished production are the icing on the cake of the perfected music package that is Water Under The Bridge.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Key To My Heart
– Loveless Time
– True Love
– Your Desire
– Bad Break
– Thief of Hearts

The Big Hit

– Key To My Heart

Review by Jackie Howell

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