The Temperance Movement: The Temperance Movement Review

Taking a ’70s-influenced sound and making it relevant is a task easier said than done, but The Temperance Movement could convince you otherwise.  The British rockers’ signature explosive sound captivated music fans when the Pride EP dropped in 2012.  Consider the five-track EP to be a preview for The Temperance Movement’s full-length self-titled debut.  Not surprisingly, all five tracks from Pride find a place on The Temperance Movement’s track list, as well as seven brand new cuts.

What makes The Temperance Movement so strong is each track’s ability to stand simply as a song in its own right.  If you were to strip every song down to nothing but a vocalist and an acoustic guitar, very little would actually be lost.  Listening to this record is not simply listening to a collection of guitar jams – although there’s plenty of that, too.  Instead, The Temperance Movement totes well-crafted songs bursting with emotion and energy.  Phil Campbell barks near-perfect melodies that drip with passion, and Luke Potashnick and Paul Sayer’s dueling guitar mastery provides rich textures for Campbell.  The five-piece keeps you on your toes by throwing unusual chords around here and there, like in the brand new track “Know For Sure” or in the masterfully crafted “Pride,” a blues ballad that shifts into Beatles territory shortly after the four-minute mark.

The number of songs from The Temperance Movement that would make for great singles is astounding.  “Only Friend” and “Ain’t No Telling” are equal parts catchy and brilliant.  “Take It Back” wanders into alternative territory (a la Arctic Monkeys or The Fratellis) with an edgy “oh-whoa-whoa” sing-a-long chorus.  “Midnight Black” has its own brand of powerful and cheerful rock.

As though to alleviate any fears that all the best tracks were released on the Pride EP, The Temperance Movement released a music video for “Midnight Black.”  The good news is that they weren’t blowing smoke – while Pride certainly was a power-preview of The Temperance Movement, the new LP is loaded with more of the same brand of explosive rock.  Join the movement and you won’t be disappointed

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Only Friend
– Ain’t No Telling
– Pride
– Midnight Black
– Know For Sure
– Take it Back

The Big Hit

– Midnight Black

Review by Richard MacDougall

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