Jonny Lang: Fight For My Soul Review

After seven years of waiting for a new Jonny Lang album, Fight For My Soul is finally here. Lang has made quite the comeback with this one. Whether an old fan or a new one just discovering his talent, this album will have you in awe from the very first note.

The opening track, “Blew Up (The House)” is full of energy. This song is big! From the strong backup vocals in the unexpectedly huge sounding chorus to the simple guitar riff that draws the listener in at the beginning, it is the perfect track to kick off an album with. The song is full of interesting arrangements. There is never a dull moment, and this is just the beginning!

The album is genre ambiguous, with sounds from blues, rock, pop, funk, soul and even gospel. “Breakin’ In” and “We Are The Same” definitely have that pop feel with the other genres mixed in. Lang has a smooth pop sounding voice and these songs are filled with brilliant melodies that draw listeners right in.

With most of the high energy material at the beginning of the album, Lang shows his softer side towards the end. The title track “Fight For My Soul” stays true to Lang’s pattern of enticing melodies and tells a powerful story. “All Of A Sudden” also stands out. It’s a love song that features beautiful acoustic guitar, picturesque lyrics, and a voice that could connect with any listener.

The last two tracks “Seasons” and “I’ll Always Be” are also stand out songs with beautiful string arrangements.

The album was well worth the seven years of waiting. Don’t wait any longer to hear it!

The Review 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Blew Up (The House)
– Breakin’ In
– We Are The Same
– Fight For My Soul
– All Of A Sudden

The Big Hit

– Blew Up (The House)

Review by Liz Lohnes

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