Jonny Lang: Live At The Ryman Review

Jonny Lang lit the blues world on fire when he was 16-years old with Lie To Me. Since then he has transitioned into gospel music, which has been successful for him as Lang won a Grammy for 2006’s Turn Around.

Live at The Ryman is Lang’s first album since Turn Around and his first live record. And make no mistake, despite Lang transitioning away from his blues-rock style in recent years he rocks it at the Ryman.

The album features a good mix of Lang’s rockers and newer stuff and he really brings it live. The version of “Lie To Me” is fantastic. It’s a nice reminder that Lang was and still is a force to be reckoned with in the blues world.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Lie To Me
– Give Me Up Again
– A Quitter Never Wins
– Red Light
– Breakin’ Me

The Big Hit

– Lie To Me

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