Alastair Greene: Through The Rain Review

Having recently been picked up by Alan Parsons as his full time guitarist, Alastair Greene has taken a different approach to his latest album from his previous one, Walking In Circles, and produced a blazingly hot, unadulterated, heavy rock and roll record. Released late in 2011 Through The Rain has the obvious influences of legendary guitarist Jimmy Page and Hendrix but it’s with Greene’s consistent and dynamic guitar work that shines throughout, as he plays some of the most rip-roaring guitar solos of the year and combined with valuable use of the slide, which Greene plays with authority, gives the record a different edge.

The record consists of a variety of rock and roll tracks at a rapid tempo that are lyrically solid with much of the genius coming from Greene’s chopping guitar riffs; particularly exhibited in tracks “Through The Rain” and “The Real You” while Greene also plays some powerfully fleeting guitar solos. The musical progression of both these tracks is brilliant with the solos growing throughout. “The Real You” has an exceptionally heroic instrumental bridge with Greene playing a completely mental solo that wobbles psychedelically. It’s fantastic fun. “By The Way” is a track which will stick in your mind for a while with a memorable fade in and acidic guitar solo that cuts to the soul. “All This Time” possesses a damped down, AC/DC like main riff and a dirty bass line that quakes the floor.  It’s a rock and roll purist’s ideal song. Half way through the record Greene drops the tempo with an instrumental song “Dearly Departed,” a wonderfully short, wistful track that’s dream like. Following this is “Take Me With You,” a soft, melodic country number which like “Dearly Departed” is serenely beautiful. Both tracks provide a break from the intense heavy rock of the rest of the record without feeling out of place. The Rest of the tracks, “Get Your Evil On,” “T’ Other Way,” “Madman,” “Stoneroller” and “You Will Remember” are all decent, in your face rock songs with some astoundingly wild guitar work from Greene; showing that Greene could be considered one of the best guitarists out there at the moment.

Alastair Greene is clearly a very dynamic musician, brimming with talent and like The Michael Williams Band’s Fire Red, Through The Rain is truly a hidden gem of last year reinvigorating that o’ too often forgotten sound of sixties hard rock and roll with bravado.

The Review: 9/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– By The Way
– T’ Other Way
– All Of This Time
– Take Me With You
– Dearly Departed
– The Real You

The Big Hit

– Through The Rain


Review by Josh May

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