Brutal Jooks: Believer Review

Believer is the debut album for the Los Angeles-based Brutal Jooks. Songwriter and musician Greg Reeves is the mastermind at work behind Brutal Jooks and has recently worked with Hanni El Khatib, The Dead Kennedys and composed for A & E’s Billy the Exterminator. Following in the footsteps of popular indie rockers, The Black Keys, Brutal Jooks evokes a garage band sound that is both catchy and indicative of talent. Released in February, Believer is a quick-paced and truly fun listen that contains elements of raw rock and roll and a swingy blues undertone.

Reeves employs some fun riffs on the guitar, particularly in “Fire Down Below.” Accompanied by a minimalistic, punctuating drum and a chugging rhythm guitar, he adds in a “Wipe Out” style run. The vocals are natural and slightly on the rougher side, which fits in nicely with the large roots base that Brutal Jooks creates. The distortion on the blues guitar is reminiscent of more traditional blues rock groups, but the style of the vocals and overall aesthetic is closer to a mash up of Jack White and The Black Keys.

On the whole, Brutal Jooks have put together a very enjoyable album. With the success of The Black Keys and up and comers like Hanni El Khatib, this style of music is likely to find a home base among indie listeners as well as the blues and rock crowds. It’s versatile and raw, something not too often found in today’s auto tune jungle. The next album from Reeves is anxiously anticipated.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

-Fire Down Below
-Devils Crossing

The Big Hit


Review by Sarah Richmond

Pete Francis

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