Kris Pohlmann Band: One For Sorrow Review

Kris Pohlmann and his troupe have been around the European blues scene for a few years now and 2012 sees the release of their latest album One For Sorrow. This band is deeply committed to their music and their energetic live shows demonstrate the passion they have for enthralling an audience.

After listening to the initial few seconds of the first track “SoulShaker,” it is evident that we are in for eleven tracks of vigour and riff driven blues-rock. Pohlmann’s guitar leads the way through the song with a slightly distorted resonance and even entices us with a funky helping of the wah effect. The bass and drums make up a tight rhythm section, but are still full of pluck and verve. The following track “One Day Baby,” continues the onslaught of grit-fueled guitar riffs and sweet licks leading into a well-played solo. The vocal melody is kept rather simple, a reoccurring element of the album. However it particularly stands out in this track as Pohlmann mixes up the dynamics, ranging from a soft groan to a blaring shout.

On a different note, the track “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide” adds another division to band’s repertoire. The softer and more subdued track displays the humble vocal tones of bassist Warren Richardson. This blended with a clean-cut drum pattern and reverberant guitar makes for an interesting fusion of blues, ballad and soul.

Throughout the album there is a constant display of top-notch musicianship. However, it seems to be that the lyrical content fails to match up and feels somewhat disjointed to the band’s instrumental ability. Overall, this is a dimensional piece of blues-rock expertise that should do well in attracting a larger audience.

The Review: 8.5/10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– SoulShaker
– One Day Baby
– The Blues Inside
– Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide
– Heavy On My Soul

The Big Hit

– One Day Baby

Review by George Ward

Pete Francis

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