Tedeschi Trucks Band: Revelator Review

Release Date: 6/7/11 Sony Masterworks
The first album from Tedeschi Trucks Band, Revelator, demonstrates the kind of musical wisdom and insight that has the unique ability to make an album greater than the sum of its parts. Revelator is a joyful, warm ride through the beautiful musical minds of the eleven members of Tedeschi Trucks Band. The group takes advantage of diverse musical backgrounds and uses each member to craft an uplifting, truthful album that resonates with the ups and downs of everyday life.
Revelator blends the blues, rock, and soul backgrounds of Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and the other 9 members of Tedeschi Trucks Band. Susan’s gorgeous yet raw vocals and Trucks’ unmistakable guitar work beautifully together as in previous collaborations, but the 18 months spent developing Revelator have clearly allowed the pair and the rest of the group to add to the album a new dimension that has been brewing for years.
The album begins with “Come See About Me,” a song with an invitational, energetic build that feels very much like a starter from a Derek Trucks album. It continues with the emotionally-driven “Midnight in Harlem,” the upbeat and heartening “Bound for Glory,” and the powerful “Until You Remember.” “Ball and Chain” leads into “These Walls,” an inspiring piece on longing and leaving. “Learn How to Love” is heavy, dirty and bluesy, and is followed by the energetic soul/funk blend “Love Has Something Else to Say.” Revelator concludes with “Shelter,” which, as the rest of the album, is rightfully placed and exceptionally performed.
Revelator is a prime example of the synergy and harmony that come from the collision of mature musical personalities. Its completeness is something that is hard to come by. It is a pure piece of work, and is meant to spread the joy with which it was created.
The Review: 9.5/10
Can’t Miss Tracks
-Come See About Me
-Midnight in Harlem
-Until You Remember
-These Walls
-Love Has Something Else to Say
The Big Hit

-Learn How to Love

Pete Francis

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