Jonny Lang’s epic guitar solo on “A Quitter Never Wins”

Sometimes musicians can take us to what seems to be a different planet. Blues Rock Review recently caught Jonny Lang’s performance at Summerfest in Milwaukee, and Jonny REALLY gets into his guitar solo on “A Quitter Never Wins.”

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3 Responses to “Jonny Lang’s epic guitar solo on “A Quitter Never Wins””

  1. John Dallas says:

    I’m not impressed. Lots of facial grimacing and repetitive “shredding”… I could have done the same and don’t even know how to play guitar! Okay to show emotion and grit, but I would expect a more “meaningful” guitar solo from Mr. Lang…. Until we demand better, we will continue to get plenty of theatrics and not memorable blues rock.

    • Marttti says:

      I fully agree. The solo didn’t give any emotional feelings. It was like a bad erotic film- overplaying/faking the feelings. After this video, I wouldn´t pay for a ticket to a show with him.

  2. Eric says:

    Haters gonna hate. I challenge both John and Marttti to post a video topping the J-Lang solo. Of course no video will be forthcoming from either. But honestly, just try and copy what you see here – you’ll fail but give it a try.

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