Gary Clark Jr. performs “Bright Lights” on American Idol

Gary Clark Jr. performed “Bright Lights” on the finale of American Idol alongside contestants Cade Foehner and Dennis Lorenzo.

Blues Rock is a genre that certainly does not get a lot of mainstream coverage, so having an artist like Gary Clark Jr. perform on American Idol could open up the genre to a wider audience. We break down the possible impact on the genre.

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5 Responses to “Gary Clark Jr. performs “Bright Lights” on American Idol”

  1. N8tiveCaligirl says:

    Oh MY WORD THESE 3 together were FLIPPING AMAAAAZING!! My hubby and I want to buy tickets whenever these 3 will be performing together!! Great song GREAT MUSICIANS!! Whomever put these 3 together is a smart producer!

  2. Alick says:

    Any exposure to blues rock is a good thing and will expose people to music they may not have heard. I heard / read recently that old music is starting to out sell new released music which proves that good music never dies, it just needs to be exposed to people that have not heard it before for them to realize what good music is. Long live blues Rock !

  3. Karen Hagerman says:

    Fabulous performance and YES IT WILL TURN THINGS AROUND!

  4. Frank Marcus says:

    These 3 guys were so good I though this was an established 3 man band. I had no idea the 2 guys were contestants until I started researching Gary Clark Jr.

  5. Frank Marcus says:

    If those 3 guys cut an album together I would buy it right now.

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